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(Video)Staff, lecturers of Delta varsity defy Okowa’s directive to resume academic activities




Some non-academic staff and lecturers have defiled the directives of the governor of the state, His Excellency senator Ifeanyi Okowa, directing the VC Prof. Andy of Delta State University to resume academic activities.

OUR INVESTIGATIVE team visited Delta state varsity today (Monday) for compliance check but witnessed a show of shame, while few students and lecturers showed up, but
most complied with the directive of the ASUU Chairman, Professor Godwin O. Demaki to stay away from the classrooms as DELSU ASUU is fully on strike and that the VC, Professor Andy Egwunyenga is only playing games to save his job after serious warning from the Governor and Visitor to the university.

Recall, the governor had ordered the VC, to open the university, call back the students and get lectures started or get suspended. It is for fear of confusions such as this that explained why most of those admitted students refused to show up for matriculation. Even as at today, more than 60 percent of the students are yet to report to the university.

The uneasy calm over the unreduced high fees is worrisome to students as well. They believe the storm is still not over until the cut – throat fees is reduced to not more than N100,000.00 per session. Some students Congress team met in a class were shouting that ASUU has driven them out of lecture hall.

Our news team also saw the ASUU Chairman, Professor Demaki himself addressing students to go home as DELSU ASUU is on strike and that the VC cannot call off the strike, except the NATIONAL ASUU BODY. Please see the video to better understand the uncertainty over students plight in the state.

However, a few individuals who are due for promotion this year and which are afraid that they may not be promoted later, tried to organize few students to go to secretly to teach them. Those caught were again chased out of the class by the ASUU chairman. The question stakeholders are asking, why did DELSU lecturers join ASUU in the first place?, the destroyer of quality academics. How long will students and lecturers be playing hide and seek game with members of ASUU monitoring team ?

A final year student lamented, “DELSU DON FINISH. I BEG OOOO.
GOING BY THE PREVIOUS ADMINiSTRATION’s stable academic calendar, I would have been preparing to graduate in May, this year”.

A social science student pointed out. “But today (Monday) we have not even begin to receive first semester lectures. An Agric final year student quickly added. I wonder what type of education we are receiving”.

A mathematics 300 Level student opined, “A semester that used to be 15 – 17 weeks packed full with effective teaching and learning activities, has been reduced to five weeks of no more activities and then semester exams are conducted without any learning.

Another student quickly added that she is not worried because when the failures are too many, the pass mark is reduced to 20% and final year students are allowed to graduate with those courses failed and their falling grades. “What a University DELSU is becoming now.?,” she added.