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TCN: Don’t expect grid stability after vandalism



By Hannah Nathan, Warri

Nigerians got a severe admonition from the Transmission Organization of Nigeria (TCN) yesterday, that they shouldn’t expect a steady power framework subsequently after the organization’s establishment.

The proviso for renouncing a steady matrix was contained in the TCN Twitter handle, which noticed that the spate of stripping its establishments had become troubling.

As indicated by the organization, when the residents disregard the miscreants to propagate their wrongdoing of ravaging its offices, they shouldn’t anticipate framework strength and development.

“We can’t eat our cake and have it. We can’t keep on vandalizing power framework or look the alternate way when such exercises are progressing and anticipate matrix dependability and extension.”

Review that mainly last month, it was accounted for in the media that hoodlums obliterated a sum of 108 power transmission towers between January, last year and last month.

In the period under survey, the episodes were kept in Benin, Abuja, Lagos, Enugu and Kano locales.

Recall, on May 24, that 2023, hoodlums obliterated nine transmission pinnacles of the TCN in Ogun State.

Among the assaults on the TCN towers were the ones credited to the Boko Haram fear-based oppressors quite a while back in Borno State, which made it clear that the occurrences go past robbery and mishaps to disruption.