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Is education a fraud? “Very not at all?” That was Fela’s parlance of a negative answer to the above question. In other words, education isn’t a fraud. Education is a light and a solution to society. It’s a source of pride. It accords one honour and respect.

Education is acquired in school and a document must be given to show that you’ve completed a particular programme. That document is called a certificate. If your certificate is doubted by anyone, that equally means that the same person is unsure of the school you attended. Therefore, in addition to your year of admission and graduation, you should be able to tell others or state:
(1) Names of some of your coursemates and other contemporaries.
(2) Names of some of the lecturers.
(3) Names of some non-academic staff.
(4) Something some of your lecturers are known for.
(5) The name of the vice-chancellor at your time. Your inability to say something about the foregoing makes your educational certificate pretty suspicious.

For example, when I was a student at Delta State University, Abraka, some of my coursemates were Emeka Alozie, Patrick Ucho, and Godfrey Inikoro. Some of my lecturers were Dr William Ehwarieme (a Prof. now) that reminds me of his UGLY FACE THEORY, Ben Agar whose prediction about Izon Nation is being fulfilled, Dr E. Kpeke known for his fatherly advice. And the Vice Chancellor was Prof. Uvie Aruoture Igun, whom we always remember for his decisive steps in addressing indiscipline.

We’re in an electronic era where information can be obtained at any time. If someone challenges the authenticity of my university certificate, within an hour, the social media would be awash with testimonies of my graduation by my coursemates, other students and some university staff.

Many of us aren’t oblivious of the fact that Nigeria is changing, by the special grace of God, for good. This change could be through evolution or revolution that would ensure rightful people occupy their rightful positions in society.

The cry of the oppressed has drawn the attention of “Nature”. And “Nature” is about to take part in the process of that sweeping change that is about to happen in Nigeria. You and I know that no technology can stop “Nature” when she starts her activities. I never heard of any development in science and technology that distorted the movement of “hurricanes” or the time for the different “seasons”.

That positive change can’t be stopped when it’s time. Not even the reactionaries can do anything. Chairman Mao Zedong, after the Chinese Revolution, echoed that any attempt by the reactionaries to halt any genuine revolution would always be resisted by the tougher revolution and the nearer the reactionaries to their doom.

Nigerians are now impatient with the anomalies in the country. They’ve started asking questions. That reminds me of Fela Anikulakpo-Kuti’s song titled TEACHER DON’T TEACH ME NONSENSE. “You taught me the Principles of Democracy, but why are you practising Demonstration of Craziness?”

Awareness is increasing in Nigeria where people are becoming conscious of their rights, where people are coming to know the relevance of their educational certificates and defend them. And where society will place people in their original layers. Please, where are your educational certificates?!

– Kitua Dauyebo Anthony
18th July 2022.