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By Asiayei Enaibo

Religiously speaking, the Cloud, Sky, Earth, and Heavens have made manifest of the Otuaro’s victory through the spoken words of God of creation. Dominantly, man becomes the central being of all spiritual affairs of life as God made man to be the head of all affairs on Earth being his representatives.

Yes, the anointed servant of God speaks the words sent through him by God, and this is so to the prayers of Archbishop (Professor) Solomon O. Gbakara. President, Urhobo Christian Ministers Association International (UCMAI).

Whatever that happens within the human space of existence has been divinely programmed by the universal programmer of all programmes who fixed all the connections of man’s existence on Earth and the appropriate time of attainment of a set stage of life.

A true man of God never speaks a vain word and his words never go back to him void. It has countenance like God himself as the tongue creative powers are divine. Man ever wanted, those who know the powers within to speak moderately under the directive of God, it is God’s arrangement and not mere coincidence as Bishop Gbakara speaks on Otuaro’s political reign before Otuaro appearance.

It was on the 30th of January 2022, a very devoted man of God from the Ijaw extraction, Bishop Felix Piniki who has been on Earthly Wilderness for 60 years, and it was a faithful circle completed in the vineyard of God, a day of celebration at all ramifications, but the Ijaw man is dramatically funny in the things of God as the event is not a dance of Awigiri of merriment. Yes, It was the 60th birth anniversary of Bishop Felix Piniki, a multi-talented Gospel artistes who has used his talent to preach the word of God in different dimensions in Ijaw land, particularly from his own community Okerenkoko in Gbaramatu Kingdom, Warri South West LGA of Delta State.

Yes, Bishop Piniki wish to celebrate his birthday at theb Compound of the Deputy Governor of Delta State, Barr. Kingsley Burutu Otuaro who is a Frontier in things of God. The intension of Bishop Piniki was not known by those he invited to celebrate with him. Yes, it was a scanty gathering, unlike Ijaw people activities as someone who is celebrating 60th birth anniversary and 35 years as a Minister of God. It is expected that the place should be crowded, although most people celebrate dead bodies than living people because everybody want to show off for the dead. Yes, It is the compound of the Deputy Governor, even the deputy Governor slightly forgot that such activity is taking place in his compound as he was not around.

The GbaramatuVoice team arrived the scene to see men of God that are ready to pray to open new door to Bishop Piniki in his earthly religious adventure, slightly like those who has suffered on the Biblical wilderness for 40 years but Piniki’s own was 20years ahead of that Biblical adventure of 40years. When I saw the Joy at the face of the Bishop, I was happy that he is not bothered by the helpless religious circumstances, that no matter the low tide, there must be a full tide again in the fishing rivers of nature. Yes, nature moves with everything that has been divinely fixed no matter the circumstance as the cake to celebrate his birthday was not provided, the delayed cake arrivals like the Mistake of the Night “She Stoop to Conquer”. Nothing symbolic to show that it was Bishop Piniki’s birthday cake. A lot of thoughts took my sensibilities to God, while will they allow devoted men of God into a long suffering, or is it a covenant God has with them?

Yes, the Host of the Event was not at Home, the Deputy Governor, as he is my friend too as I wish to also see him but when I got to the compound, the way the security personnel didn’t care about who comes in, made us understand that the Deputy Governor is not at home, my joy of coming too was not as before again because it has been a long while the Deputy Governor had neither called GbaramatuVoice for a strategic media planning. This is not known to us, whether we have offended him or not. Yes, the GbaramatuVoice has to forge ahead as the sky is big enough to accommodate all sundries. We need to help preserve the 60th birth Anniversary of Bishop Piniki in history for free as he is a member of those praying for the expansion of the globalization of the GbaramatuVoice Vision. He was already seated with un-decorated chair with his wife awaiting for more dignitaries with the mood of his seating position one could conclude that all is not well with the arrangements because the Host is not at Home.

There is a line of fulfillment and frustration of unsettled arrangements but the always happy spirit of Bishop Piniki is religiously known as he dances away his sorrows at all times.

Yes, Bishop speaks secretly with the publisher of GbaramatuVoice Mr. Jacob Abai, the mouth was so closed to his ears, that I could not heard but I felt it was the cake he couldn’t provide at that point in time. As a story teller, I have both eyes and nose for stories at all times.

I know Gbaramatu people are always very united people at all parties and festivals as they could actually grace your occasion to make you happy but the case of Bishop Piniki was an opposite story. It baffles me that the people were so few, but God was mightily present at the Arena of the 60th birthday.

If we can’t celebrate diamond age of Bishop Piniki, from Golden age to diamond, after diamond what happens? The clock of death, then the whole Okerenkoko including Gbaramatu Ibe Gbolei will meet to plan for burial. God forbid! Or did Bishop Felix offended people with his prayers of die, die or fire, fire as the new generation pastors are known for that, because they are always killing people in prayers, maybe the people he has fired hasn’t resurrected to attend his 60th birthday. This is by and by.

Yes, activities were going on as God blessed Bishop Felix Piniki that all his children were gifted as they sang praises to God almighty to entertain the dignitaries, my spirit of either Osobo or God was running for where to be but the spirit too needs empowerment to stay in one place because man must “chop”.

The day was calm as they called the invited Bishop Solomon Gbakara, for opening prayers, initially, I didn’t pay attention but I was focused to snap and video his opening prayers, when he has spoken, the voice I often heard on Radio came out as the Bishop prayed for the celebrant and all those who could attend the diamond jubilee of age. Bishop Solomon Gbakara prayed for the celebrant to experience new break through in life, yes he said the man who made this place available for Bishop Felix Piniki, the Deputy Governor of Delta State, Barr, Kingsley Burutu Otuaro will continue to reign in Politics, his case will be different from others who was only referred as he was then, but Otuaro will become the Governor of Delta State and continue to reign in politics and bring good governance to humanity. He concluded his prayers, not too long, as the ministers start to snapped group photograph of the cake cutting. Behold the Deputy Governor of Delta State and his convoy arrived his home where the Birthday was on going. Humbly, Barr. Kingsley Burutu Otuaro hurried to snap group photograph with the ministers of God and the celebrant, and took Bishop Solomon Gbakara and others for special entertainment as culture and the tradition demands in Ijaw land.

Nothing happens by coincident but by divine arrangements, the Birthday fixed at the Deputy Governor’s Compound by Bishop Piniki Felix and the Coming of Archbishop (Professor) Solomon O. Gbakara. President, Urhobo Christian Ministers Association International (UCMAI)
with fleet of Bishops to pray for the Deputy Governor was an arrangement made by God unknown to men, it was a great day to remember and fulfilment of a destinated journey.

Unfortunate occurrence can propel man to think beyond his head as fingers of conspiracy can point at you for no cause.

Yes, in three consecutive times, Rita, SA to the Deputy Governor has barred GbaramatuVoice, First, it was in Asaba office when we visited, she insisted that we should drop all our phones at the security post even the Police were just looking at her for double crossing duty code but no words from him, then one at Benikrukru carnival to my colleagues, they returned to the office with the drama of Rita as if our team came from Hell to Interview the Deputy Governor for news, at this time it was the home of the Deputy Governor when Bishop Solomon Gbakara was in the mood of religious communion with God to intercede on behalf of Otuaro’s victory as Heavenly mandate, as She stopped the GbaramatuVoice team. She told us to wait outside after the deputy concludes with the bishops and that is the news story unknown to her. one is beginning to ask, whether Rita is SA on Protocol? SA to the Deputy Governor on Security? For she is known as Media SA but the level of her un-becoming moves to deprive people is somehow thought killing as if people are coming to take over her duty post, one could be made to ask when Campaign starts officially, GbaramatuVoice will find it difficult to see Otuaro through this channels of over busy workmen. What happens if Otuaro now have One correspondence from GbaramatuVoice to expand his media team, will that person be save from this already “na me be this act” I apologized for interference and digression.

Yes, this could be the first time for Bishop Solomon Gbakara to be with the Deputy Governor of Delta State and he did a solemnly prayers to Barr. Kingsley Burutu Otuaro for his Open door policy. He said the same thing when he was not around and as he said in his earlier prayers “God will surely place you on your aspiration to be the Governor of Delta State”.This was the verdict made by Bishop Solomon Gbakara in Prayers to Otuaro, thereafter Doves were seen flying around the roof of the Deputy Governor for confirmation as double joy continues, one for Bishop Felix Piniki as the celebrant, the other to the Host of the Compound, Otuaro to confirm his heavenly mandate written in the Book of Otuaro by God himself through the Talking Drum of the Niger Delta.
Yes, it was a dual congratulations for fulfilling divine arrangements.

Asiayei Enaibo
Writes from GbaramatuVoice.