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The voice of Ijaw intellectual advocates must be heard -Ndoni



It is time for a core freedom fighter to know the pains and needs of Ijaw Nation and Niger Delta region at large.

We are people known for being intelligent and resilient and as well blessed with natural resources but not considered significant positions in the country.

Today, we’re restricted from various opportunities being owners or producers of oil and gas in Nigeria .

These are all attributed to our lack of unity. Now, the 2023 governorship agenda is at the corners and yet the common feature we can see among us is division.

Why can’t we use such opportunity to develop our forefathers’ dreams than thinking of negative aims.

We have being cheeps in the whole night, and yet we can not prove to be lions in a day.

A freedom fighter is someone who believe in oneness, fairness, equity and justice to ensure injustice chase out in the society.

I’m using this medium to urge whosoever that is fighting for the freedom of Ijaw Nation and Niger Delta in particular to be more committed and think of development and use your little energy to influence world-class investments to the people of the region.

Yes. we can develop our region with fairness in all sectors of governance if we can be diligent over our targets. Greatness is a must to seek and influence in our region.

In all, I applaud and commend those that see the course of Ijaw Nation and still fighting for the progress of Ijaw Nation.

Fighting for the progress of Ijaw Nation, the God’s of Ijaw Nation are with you and don’t be tired of your belief in the course of Ijaw Nation.

Thank you! Chief Barrister Smooth (The Paddle Of Niger Delta), Comrade Hon. Austin Ozobo, Comrade Daniel Pere Ezekiel, Adam Ogomugo Marbo, Ebilade Ekerefe,Amb Ofiyou Dennis Ogbofini, Princewill Binebai, Bob Collins,
Amb Arerebo Salaco Yerinmene, Timipre Ndoni, Ebolo Sam, Comr, Paul Ebikeseiye, Comr. Emmanuel Moses, Christopher Adaka, Fanti B Covenant, Tare Magbei, Owolo Oyinbi, Romeo Richman, Oroso Wilton Heineken, Romeo Kemepade Emieye, Engr Erene Jumbo and Collins Oduduba Okpako, for tirelessly fighting for the freedom of Ijaw/Niger Delta constituents.

We must get it right in one day, one more river to cross.


Comrade Timipre Ndoni
Director Of Social Media To The Chairman IYC Abuja Chapter/Northern Nigeria, Adam Ogomugo Marbo.