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Those Leaving Nigeria Should Not Wish Others Staying Back Bad – Oyedele



By Sola Omoniyi, Lagos

The chairman of the Presidential Committee on Fiscal Policy and Tax Reforms Taiwo Oyedele says those leaving Nigeria should not wish others staying back evil.

He spoke on Monday during The Covenant Nation’s non-political and non-partisan national development fair, the Platform.

“There is nothing wrong in leaving. Don’t get me wrong. But if you leave, don’t wish the rest of us bad,” he said on Monday.

“And while you are here and continue to be here, don’t wish us evil. If you have citizens who are actively working against their own country, there is no amount of prayers you will pray, that country will not succeed.”

According to him, a greater number of Nigerians can’t travel out or japa as called in local parlance.

“Even if you are planning to leave, just remember, there are 95 per cent of us who cannot go anywhere,” Oyedele maintained.

While noting the importance of patriotism, he said no foreigner can develop Nigeria.

“All the countries that were developed were developed by their people,” he added.

For him, strong institutions and investments in manpower are key to building a great country and thus governments must at all levels pay attention to these areas.

Oyedele urged them to create an enabling environment for businesses to thrive, saying that way, people would not be eager to leave the country.