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Tinubu blocks foreign exchange scams, fuel subsidies from benefiting cabals and Deities- Uzodinma



By Hannah Nathan, Warri


President Bola Tinubu, according to Imo State Governor Hope Uzodinma has prevented “cabals and deities” from profiting from differences in foreign exchange and fuel subsidy payments.


Uzodinma said, Nigerians’ economic problems were as a result of cabals and gods.


Speaking on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics, Uzodinma claimed that foreign exchange and gasoline subsidies held the keys to the nation’s sudden success.


Uzodinma claims: “I tell you, based on my research and comprehension of the nation, there are cabals and deities that need to be worshipped before dollar business can be done.



“They are the people sponsoring artificial media, they are the people sponsoring oppositions to come with blackmail and negative propaganda against a President who is very versatile, who is from the private sector, who meant well, who wants to correct the ills of the past.


“The fuel subsidy that has just been removed was benefiting a group of cabals who became very rich overnight to the detriment of Nigerians. We have billionaires who bought private jets, built castles all over the world in the name of subsidy.”


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