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Tinubu raised Nigeria’s profile by opposing Niger Republic coup- Minister of Information



By Sola Omoniyi, Lagos

Mohammed Idris, the minister of information and national orientation says that President Tinubu’s firm stance on democracy has made Nigeria a respected country in the world.

In a statement on Tuesday, Idris said as chair of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), Tinubu has raised the profile of Nigeria by promoting the rule of law and seeking to reverse the toppling of a democratic government in neighbouring Niger Republic.

“In this role, he has commendably raised the profile of Nigeria globally and within the West Africa sub-region, promoting the rule of law, defending constitutional order, and standing as a bulwark against military incursion into governance, especially in the Republic of Niger, where a democratic government was toppled recently,” he said.

“It is not by accident that Nigeria continues to enjoy the respect of the rest of the world.

“It is so because of the firm and principled stand of President Tinubu for the ideals of democracy, rule of law and good governance.”

The minister said since Tinubu assumed office in May, he has put the country on a path of steady progress.

“Since May 29, President Tinubu has been at his duty post, working assiduously to deliver on his campaign promises as enunciated in his Renewed Hope agenda for a better and greater Nigeria,” he said.

“The president began the journey to rebuild our battered economy, realising that our country was in a difficult situation with our public debts – both local and foreign – coupled with an unsustainable fuel subsidy regime that created, for several decades, a galling hole in our public finance, rendering the three tiers of governments insolvent and incapable of meeting the needs of the citizens.”

Idris said it was “bold and courageous” for the president to remove the subsidy on petrol.

“Fuel subsidy was a Sword of Damocles that hung over Nigeria for decades. It stunted growth and set the country a-borrowing. In addition to subsidy removal, President Tinubu took further steps to unify the multiple foreign exchange markets,” he said.

The minister added that Tinubu is working to ensure that millions of jobs are created for the unemployed.