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Tinubu sets benchmark for nationwide increase in price of electricity



By Hannah Nathan, Warri

President Bola Tinubu insisted that the nation must achieve a consistent and incremental power supply before considering an increase in electricity tariffs, according to Minister of Power Adebayo Adelabu.

He claimed that Tinubu ordered that a subsidy be paid for each unit of power used across the country, stopping the implementation of an increase in the electricity tariff.

Adelabu made this statement on Wednesday during a press conference in Abuja in response to the demand for a cost-reflective tariff, which would raise the price of power.

“You cannot implement the cost-reflective tariff overnight. I can assure you that the government continues to subsidize electricity today,” he stated, highlighting the significance of the electricity industry to any leader.

“Tariffs should have been raised months back, but Mr President said, until we are able to achieve regular and incremental power supply, we can’t touch the tariff,” he noted.

“Now, I never said that it is not yet time to charge a cost-reflective tariff. Rather, I said a cost-reflective tariff is supposed to have been implemented months ago because it is the source of liquidity to the system.

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