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Together, Southeast Governors will build communities and eradicate insecurity – Nweze



By Hannah Nathan, Warri

Chioma Nweze, the Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to the President for Community Development, has pledged to work with the governors of the southeast to make sure that every community in the area is developed and free of insecurity.

Nweze disclosed this to reporters just after agricultural equipment was formally given to IFAD recipients in Onuebonyi, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State.

“The President is interested in what occurs at the grassroots level,” she stated. The President has acknowledged that a country’s strength lies in its communities. The government is strong when the people in the neighborhoods are strong.

“I encourage states to release more funds to IFAD because the organization is focused on the grassroots, local communities,” the speaker stated. In the past, when people were given rice to plant, they ate it, thus the beneficiaries shouldn’t eat their seed money. You will harvest what you have sown.

“You reap more when you plant more.” Agriculturists will be the next group of billionaires. The individuals who advance agriculture are the ones who will prosper in this nation.

“The President wants to remove all these baggers from the streets. He wants to remove them so that we can go into agriculture. If you want to go into fishery, poultry, etc, we are there to help, so that you can be self-sustainable.

“I’m working with the five governors of the south-east so that we agree on what we are going to do about security in our region. You know, when IPOB started, the former governor started to say that Ebonyi people shouldn’t join, that we have been marginalized over a long period of time and that we should bend down and develop our state.

“But the thing about life is that when one hand touches palm oil, it will affect the other hands, you can see that it is affecting all of us. So, I’m working tirelessly with the governors of the southeast region to ensure that this menace of insecurity is stopped” she pointed out.

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