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Tompolo, a real incarnate of Adaka Boro



By Ozobo Austin

I have taken a study on the activities of High Chief Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo, alias, Tompolo for the past 15years. My study shows that he is a true incarnate of Major Isaac Adaka Boro of blessed memory. I know him to be a freedom fighter, a unifying factor, a custodian of Ijaw culture, a proactive and responsive leader. A credible and dependable advocate of justice.

I know him to be a fearless, dogged, steadfast, tenacious, focused and determined leader. A leader with high reputation. He is a man of honesty, integrity and credibility. A peace epitome, a symbol of unity and justice. A man with high coordination, he doesn’t take action before thinking but he thinks before taking any action. A man who has made men and philanthropist; he is the strength of Niger Delta. These and more are what I know of him for the past 15years.

Likewise, these were the attributes of Major Isaac Adaka Boro of blessed memory, a man who took the bothering of every Niger Delta child and went into the cross to sacrifice himself.But to my greatest surprise, whether unconsciously or consciously, he(Tompolo) has not changed or deviated from these principles he is known for. I hardly see a man who stands for justice, freedom, honest and fearless for long without comprise.

Obviously, Ijaw nation and Niger Delta region are now more unified, and its activities well coordinated with Tompolo’s emergency.

Tompolo is a true representation of justice and freedom. We are proud of him. A man who has not given upon himself the onerous task of watching over every human threat in Niger Delta region.It is true that he created a speaking space for Western Ijaws and Niger Delta region from superimposed boundaries, internal and external slavery.

Tompolo is Ijaw and Niger Delta’s true son and he deserves to be celebrated. He needs to be encouraged and strengthened to continue his good works for the Ijaws and Niger Delta region at large.

It was said in the time of old that a prophet is not honoured in his home or house but gone are those days. Let us have a change of mind and begin to honour our prophets. The English man says appreciation is an application for more. When we appreciate them, they will be motivated to do more for us.