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By Asiayei Enaibo

When a man plan to uproot others, he ends up being uprooted by others, his former glory becomes his nickname. This is the danger of war and the reward of war. If your house is not destroyed by the war, at fireside then you build new house as profit from the war, but in all someone must be destroyed for the war to be called a war.

The moon and the stars is at conflict in one Nation, the stars wanted to shine above the moon and have deprived the moon once for setting up above the sky, when the star come forth, both are now in contest of power in a shared grievance.

Yes the moon is now seated at the centre of power to dissolve the stars. The star has summoned the moon to the court of God for the earthly judge to decided against the moon for not having such power to dissolved and derobed his shining moment as the Ologbo-ebe. Now trouble within in a Elesemo, that nation that sees another as inferior kingdoms is now in a bid of internal war, some have started given fantas, biscuits, and sugars to the water deities to fight for them.

The Akabara has dissolved his cabinet, the courts refuse to seat, the government is mute, the internal war drum has begun to invite laughers and sympathizers, the palace of the new Akabara is divided, those they have called slaved are not willing to help, trouble within rest upon the power as the two headed snakes start fight from the base of strength, ground will only suffer for disunity. And that will build the new wadocity more stronger and then Izon-otu Adocity will be the focus point with new administrators, once Ama gives me go ahead.

This time now, no body will called Polo to be the cause of it. For we too have had our bad times and good times. In Ngbile, since our king journey to his ancestors four years ago, the rite ritual has not been performed and many troubles rub our foots against the ground.

Until both believe in love not seat of power and authority, what wealth can shatter, love can build it back. What your kinsmen cannot solve, others can solve it, but if you are only willing to approach them with humility because we all formed the Niger Delta region as one entity, our unity will be our core values of collective development, your foe is my foe, my foe is your foe then my doors will be opened for you, and yours becomes mine, then our troubles within will be no more, prides will bow to unity .

Asiayei Enaibo
The Talking Drum of the Niger Delta

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