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Two killed, 4 injured, 3 houses razed in Ojobo community bloody clash



Tension is brewing in Ojobo community in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State as two persons have been feared dead, four injured and three houses set ablaze in a fracas arising from the community Amayanabo (Highness) election.

The incident occured at 3:23pm on Thursday afternoon when supporters of the two Amayanabo (Highness) contestants in the community clashed with both sides taking up weapons against one another.

Our source who pleaded anonymity said two persons had been killed, four persons were seriously injured and three houses were burnt down in the ensuring fracas.

He said, “residents in the community have scampered for safety as supporters of the two contestants lock-horns in deadly battle.

According him, the military men who were invited could not withstand the pressure from the rioting youths, hence they reportedly fled the community.

The source added, “we are still running in the forest, two persons have been killed, and four persons have been injured. The boys chased out the military men that were invited to intervene”.

“One of the contestants of the highness position was declared winner, others opposed it. They immediately attack each other and it is very bloody now in the community”.

Another source who also does not want his name on print narrated, “ln this election, the Oyateigha-3 quarter has decided to give the two delegates to the Angulu, Keke, Odogo and the Young families. One of the supporters (name withheld) collected so much money from a sponsor of one of the candidates in other to make himself a delegate against the wish of the entire quarters.

“After the postponement of the elections on Sunday as a result of the death that was recorded in the community which was also masterminded by the group of persons causing trouble.

“This morning I was told that there are foreign machineries imported into the community by (name withheld). Sincerely, I laughed at it because I felt it was a joke from the pit of hell. The reason I am giving this background story is to make us understand fully what is happening.

“While the election was going on, they only needed to communicate the resolution of the compound to the Eleco chairman, that they have already written a communique to the Electoral Body through the chairman informing him to effect the position of the quarter as zoned.

“It was while they were returning from the election scene that the sponsor of one of the candidates (name withheld) ordered the machineries to open fire on them.

“I was told that Adidas sustained injury on the chest region, Natty Angulu is lifeless, Ondukakpo Magada also sustained injury and about 3 people on critical conditions.

“All these are happening in the open glare before the Ojobo people. So let us get the facts straight before making conclusions irrespective of the group you support.

“The election has not been conducted yet when Puma Amadi supporters declared him winner.
Along the line, Ebibowei supporters also declared their candidate winner. This was the beginning of the riot in the community”,0 our source narrated.