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UN, NIMASA certify Nigeria Pirate Free Zone After 24 Months Unhindered Operations 





By Sunday Onye, senior correspondent


Nigeria has gone 24 months without a single piracy incident occurring on its continental shelf. This achievement has resulted in a reduction in War Risk Insurance (WRI) rates for vessels entering Nigerian waters. Furthermore, the United Nations has acknowledged Nigeria’s expanded continental shelf, which is a cause for celebration among Nigerian authorities as it presents an opportunity to boost the country’s economic wealth.


The news was announced by Dayo Mobereola, the director general of the Nigerian Maritime and Ministration AL Agency (MIMASA), at the Elele Military Base in Rivers State. Mobereola emphasized the significance of this accomplishment, particularly in terms of its positive impact on the economy and the development of a thriving blue economy.


The director general highlighted the efforts made by the Minister of Defence and the Minister of the Blue Economy to maintain Nigeria’s improved rating. He also mentioned that Nigeria was previously blacklisted and placed under WRI status due to the frequency of attacks on vessels heading towards the country.


To combat these issues, the Nigerian government implemented the Deep Blue Project, which involved collaboration between the Navy, Air Force, Army, and Police. This initiative included specialized training and the provision of specialized equipment by foreign experts to enhance maritime security in Nigerian waters and territorial areas.


Mobereola praised the progress made in maritime security and expressed his hope to transform Nigeria into a maritime nation with specific mission assets. He acknowledged the significant contributions of the Minister of Defence and the Minister of the Blue Economy to these achievements, while also requesting continued support for the larger continental shelf awarded to Nigeria by the international community.


Overall, Mobereola affirmed that Nigeria’s maritime space is now safe and inviting, attributing this feat to the valiant efforts of those on the frontlines.

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