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WHAT FEARS YOU MOST? (opinion), By Asiayei Enaibo



Life is like a flower, its beginning looks fresh and flourishing, so tender and precious. Yes, women and men gloom at their tender breath, young beautiful moistured soul with much value of love gradually takes shape upon shape. The value of energies drop at a point where the content of value in a man looses its strength, then, sickness, the only sign of ageing will surface. Every old man must experience one point of ailment or the other, that is to say that the active cells in the body, some are gone. Nothing remains new forever.

As the clock ticks round the frame of time, so men age in strength and become old, their smartness, and activeness were referred to as “when we were young” in those days. Those that were careful and prudent grow old with their wealth and those that were not having, become better. Then the previous great man becomes a riddle, a vicissitudes of life, he is no longer counted among the rich, let your morning meet the evening well. That was when Socrates became an ever green philosopher, “The unexamined life is not worth living” then I once asked, how old is your attitude of wealth? Life is a circle, you could experience an obscure night, then at that point, if your light has created a base for others, then you will experience new illumination at your obscure night from others, but if no, your canoe will be torpedoed without dolphins coming to your rescue in the sea of life.

This moment of brief reflection of time is to awaken and sharpen our thoughts process that, those who build others will continue to experience newness at old age. Remember, there will come a time in your life that age will deprive you to climb your precious stair case in your house but you will be looking for someone to assist you. As you know no one is an island of himself. Kings want servants as well as servants want Kings. If all become king, who will the king call to service him? Servant can as well become king tomorrow.

A servant once met his master in a very depleted situation, at the edge of death. The master could not even recognize him anymore; the boy said, master what is the matter with you? The aged man in a grieved voice said, who are you? I have lost everything, my investment is no more, life has turned against me, the man cried. The boy could not bear the situation and accompanied his former master to cry. Yes, the boy walks away and returned the next day, and he said to his master, you made me who I am today. The then serving boy uplifted his master to his former status again and joy of newness returned. What do you fear most in life? Your cook can also uplift you tomorrow, the pay back is in two coins for good or the opposite. Do good and think good, for it is your medicine tomorrow. That boy without school sandals in that dilapidated house yesterday, can change your situation tomorrow. Those who fall completely without helping a hand, fall to die, but those who fall with a return of a helping hand, fall to live again.

Those who you bang your door against, will one bad turn deserves another, as well as one good turn deserves another, that is how the principles of God is built within the karmic laws of Nature. In as much as you fear for my progress, do know forgot that there are erasers. An invincible ladder of God for everyone to grow, seemingly, that Bobougbene creek boy nature took responsibility to see him through, such phenomenon are not man made but Divine time and season, for you can stop the ocean as the tidal water flows.

Yes nothing seem permanent, there was once a hero before you, so heroes will continue to surface. So old age, and your powerful known voice was gradually ignored.

The more empires you raise the more famous you become, the more you set them ablaze, the more they conspire to set same fires against you. I am just one man in an Island of meditation, what I was told to say is what I have said.
What fears you most?

Such is life. And this is the end of my meditative thoughts.
With the saying, “whatsoever thou resolveth to do, do it quickly. Defer not till the evening, what the morning may accomplish” without exception of doing it well.

Asiayei Enaibo
The Talking Drum
Writes from Gbaramatuvoice