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Why Mr Ibu’s Leg Was Amputated — Ex-Manager, Chochoo



By Hannah Nathan, Warri

Emeka Chochoo, the former manager of actor John Okafor, popularly known as Mr Ibu, has revealed the reason one of the actor’s legs was amputated.

He said the amputation became necessary because of an infection of the arteries at the ankle that was not detected early enough.

Congress reports Monday that the actor had seven successful surgeries, including an amputation of one of his legs.

However, speaking with our correspondent in a phone interview on Thursday, Chochoo confirmed that the actor was responding to treatment.

“I was with him up until yesterday. I worked as Mr Ibu’s manager for over a decade.

“He is responding well to treatment; he is gradually healing.

ChoChoo also touched on the actor’s medical journey, saying doctors have continued to treat several ailments one after the other, adding that the amputation came to being following an infection of his artery that was not caught early enough.

“The doctors are treating everything one after the other. What led to the amputation of one of his legs was an infection that affected one of the arteries at the ankle.

“Blood wasn’t flowing into the leg, which was not detected on time. When it was, it had become too late, causing the doctors to decide on the amputation.

Chochoo also stated that the surgery was done in Nigeria, but the actor will soon be flown abroad for further treatment.

“The surgery was done in Nigeria. He will soon be flown out of the country for further treatment but for now, he is being cared for in Nigeria.”

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