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You can’t select a new monarch in Ngbile when the late king is yet to be buried -Bigborogha Ruling House



The Bigborogha Ruling House in the Ngbilebiri-Mein kingdom has debunked the rumoured selection of a new monarch in the kingdom, adding that the kingdom is yet to bury its demised king and it is a taboo to think of such a sacrilegious voyage.

The statement which was signed on behalf of the Ruling House, by Comrade Ozobo Austin said it is not a tradition of the kingdom to select a king when a late king is yet to be buried.

He said the public should disregard sacrilegious moves by suspected chiefs who do not mean well to the Kingdom.

“It is a taboo, and it is not contained in our kingdom’s gazette to install a new king when a late king is yet to be buried. If I may ask what are they tending to achieve by refusing to bury the late king.”

He reiterated: “it is the ancestors that select king in Ngbile kingdom and not in the position of some undeserving chiefs to meet and select friends and family members as king designate. It is not acceptable and we are not a party to such divisive and unethical moves.”

Ozobo maintained that Bigborogha is the Most Senior Ruling House in the Ngbilebiri-Mein kingdom but was not aware of such secret selection of a king designate.

Bigborogha Ruling House, however, warned those who are behind the evil moves to desist from it to avoid a total collapse of the kingdom.

According to the Senior Ruling House, chiefs who are behind the callous arrangement should be warned of the consequences of betraying the kingdom, adding that the ancestors of the kingdom if they truly live, will fight back.

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