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2023: Mrakpor influences 200 Christians to join PDP, urges Deltans to register for PVC



By Onoriode Etatsemi

About 2000 Christians from the 25 local government areas of Delta State have joined the Peoples Democratic Party in Effurun through the influence of Dr. Peter Adogbejire Mrakpor SAN, former Attorney general of Delta state.

Mrakpor who doubled as the former Commissioner of Justice also charged Deltans to take advantage of the ongoing INEC e-registration exercise at the Christian Community Platform prayer Conference to get their PVC.

The Immediate Past Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice Delta State, Dr. Peter Adogbejire Mrakpor SAN, who was a guest lecturer at the 2021 annual ingathering Prayer /political sensitization summit and official presentation of her international Christian news magazine “THE TRUEPATH” told believers in Christ that they can only enthrone good governance at any level if they belong to a political party and as well register with INEC which he said, is the beginning of the Electoral process.

Mrakpor SAN, while speaking to the mammoth crowd of believers at the ( GREAT FAVOUR ANOINTING BIBLE CHURCH INT’L INC, EFFURUN,) who probably got winds of his presence at the event to turn out en masse to involve in the electoral process of the country if the right people should be elected to power, adding that the essence of Christianity is the product of the individual thinking and conviction.

The legal luminary noted, thus ” it is not easy to worship God in spirit and in truth. We must be convinced. I am here to talk of your vote but not politics nor law, but the power to enthrone good governance in a democratic setting like ours. When God created man, he established a covenant structure at all levels so that Man will be able to be in charge. He did this so that things are done properly by the same people he created.”

Mrakpor who interpreted the meaning of his name (Obowomrakpowiyo,) which when translated from Urhobo language into English, (meaning how you see your life, is the product of your thoughts or thinking ) says, we are the product of our thoughts and conviction.

He maintained that having served Delta State as the Attorney general and Commissioner for Justice in several committees between 2015-2021, he is now knowledgeable enough to tell them that they as children of God needs to take charge of themselves.

Mrakpor noted, “the laws of the land is affecting each and every one of us sitting here, irrespective of who you are whether you like it or not. If you allow those who do not share your faith to be in the position to determine the way the state is governed, then we are doomed ”

He explained further that we should have men and women of proven characters in government who are accountable to God and the people, people who are very knowledgeable in the Scriptures with the fear of God. If we have men in government that are accountable to God, then be rest assured we have a better society ”

He noted, “Anything can happen if you have a wrong person in power. Somebody wrote, when you talk about men in government, you are talking about men with character in government who are subject to Christ.”

The Delta former Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, however decried the situation in the country where people view the poor state of the economy to those in authorities instead of attributing the bad situation to all of us as Nigerians whom he claimed are the major contributors to all our woes.

He enjoined all eligible voters to join sellable parties like his party PDP the People’s Democratic Party. Saying they should register and vote, not by sentiments but by principles so that they would not suffer the outcome thereafter as he called on the Church of God to wake up to the reality on ground by doing the needful as he took his text from Roman 12 to buttress his point.

He told the congregation that, “Electoral process does not start from the general elections, and that it starts from the registration point to voting point in general election. You can determine a process which its outcome will affect you adversely if you are not careful.”

He advised the people of God to stop complaining but take charge of the entire Electoral process by first of all registering to vote and be persons who could also be voted for come 2023.

“The way you envisioned your life to be, so it will be. God’s children are voters and could be voted for. If you do not registered, you are working towards political suicide and doom. If we do not register, we are in trouble. With this card, we can be in charge of who become elected” He concluded..

The High points of the event was the award of good governance, on the Governor, Senator Dr Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa, other Deltans who who have made their state proud, political sensitization of the CCP members, Prayer conference for the entire country and Delta State in particular on sustainable development and the unveiling of the CCP International Christian news magazine known as the, “TRUEPATH”

The coordinator of CCP Bishop Greatman O Nmalagwu and his President Rev. Samuel Bodjor, commended Deltans, the governor and other top government functionaries who attended the event assuring that the Church will embark on continuous prayer for the state and country at large.