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2023: Nigeria needs visionary leaders, can’t afford another economic downturn



By Enekorogha Godbless

Following the insecurity and economic challenges in Nigeria, Dr, Agu Ojukwu, a developmental Consultant, and Strategist has warned aspirants vying for the position of public offices in Nigeria to stepdown for more qualified aspirants if they can’t enumerate the economic downturn of the federation.

He asserted that the economy of the country is bleeding and thus the economy needs visionary leaders who can profound solutions to the excruciating problems of the country’s economy.

He maintained ” My appeal to aspirants and candidates is to seek to understand the mechanism for rapid economic development because the people have become impatient and will not tolerate any delay in improving their lives. What we need is for aspirants and candidates to tell us how they will take us to the future of our individual potentials.”


The former Economic Adviser to Gov. Theodore Orji during a press conference in Umuahia, posited that the excruciating condition of the federation’s economy needs only candidates or aspirants who had blueprint to navigate the country out of the woods.

He explained” My appeal to the incumbent President and State Governors is to quickly conduct a productivity measurement of the national and state economies to reveal the score and show if the national and state economies truly have the capacity to inspire businesses and the people to superior performance or not, so that aspirants and candidates can see the truth now and start planning how to fix the productivity gap as soon as they win their election.

He also cautioned Nigerians against religious and political party’s sentimental and vote for credible and plausible aspirants who can bring sustainable development to the country.

The Development Consultant stressed that for the Nigeria economy to recover from its dangerous slope, caution must be exercised to ensure that only competent and qualified persons with proven track records are elected into power as President and Governors.


” My appeal to all political parties and members is to keep their friends for friendship and rather nominate the most likely person who can be open minded and seek to use the collective wisdom of the people to emancipate the economy so that it can have the capacity to inspire businesses and everyone to dream more, strive more and reach their inherent potential.

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