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It is a process to select the best but now a process to select the worse, even the best is afraid of the worse and the best in human kindness are the bell ringers for the worse, so they have murdered Socrates, Plato’s and Aristotle’s again.

It has sweet and bitter taste like bitter leaves in Izon Banga soup. The initial stage gives you Blood pressure, fear and panic becomes your surname, it makes you wayward and takes even the foolish decision as the best, your eyes always in lion form during election.

Politics, the winners rejoice and the losers cry in open or secret.

The hope of pleasures, free allowances, contracts, free travels, big cars with sirens and security to guide themselves, once tasted always willing to be there, all will tell you, “nothing oo” but they are still pursuing the same office in the name of good representation, integrity, and accountability to change the narrative, they worsen the situation and we call them the Lords of May, when we really know the Lords of May, the LORDS OF MAY ARE OUR POOR MOTHERS, who used fishing Occupations to reshapen our lives. Some 7 terms politicians we still clap for them, is politics not wicked?

Politics is wicked, no it is not politics that is wicked but the people, what makes you think so? you know the delegates made it to be so, because the monies paid for just one vote, is enough to be wicked, until we cancel delegates voting system out from our political settings and allow the best to be there consensually, if not very soon, we will start killing ourselves or delegates become ones’ occupation, soon our CV’s will be bearing a job description “delegate” as occupation.

Then, what is delegate in simple terms as your occupation? My work is periodic, politicians pay me money for free after a Cast of one vote.

Some even pay monthly salaries, then during election my ‘Osusu’ collection is above ten million that is the new job position in Nigeria.

With this wicked act, do we expect development from them every year?

Politics is wicked,

It has sweet and bitter taste, we are all queuing for it, jobless youths only seat at their verandahs for daily pay without work thereby turning youths as leaders of indefinite tomorrow.

In Deta and Bawasa states, including Riva state, people become dangerous in politics.

Some blame their failures on us, and if we may ask what did we do, no tangible reason but they never take our greetings because they know we are journalists. Because of hearsay stories, he tighten his face at me in anger.

Tomorrow, some will laugh and some will cry, for the blame is on us, for we are not delegates but journalists that you refuse to empower while in office, when you return home after retirement, we all will play Apale in our community town hall, and I will tell them life is turn by turn because they forgot charity begins at home. They gave us war instead of development, and the tide become so brutal, the face smiles but the heart is close against us.

Politics is wicked, I want to taste it too for what I was told by Socrates, Plato’s and Aristotle’s to create a new world different from this.

Asiayei Enaibo
The Talking Drum
writes from GbaramatuVoice Media Centre.