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My subconscious mind woke up at night to intimidate my flesh and fear gripped my soul while I was asleep, the empty body was irresponsive but at noon my mouth was louder than my thoughts, it was just like a reverie, neither Night nor Day, in between happiness and sadness.
This philosophy of Delta Ijaw Governorship we had earlier clamoured for is gradually dying from the lips of the Youths, the elders walk around the town with it but different interest, our kings in royal regalia, they seek for royal audience for the Ijaw Governorship, but politicians divided our joy to their personal happiness but today, our hands and mouths are tied against the tidings, divided hope, a fight against today and tomorrow, we all will be in the pain, anguish, new poverty and lamentations waiting for ‘Godot’ if care is not taken.

My hope become so slippery, my head like a double headed snake, the canoe is against the tides, if we miss this, where do we go from here?

Delta Ijaw Governorship, like a pregnancy, the father and even the mother who is conceived of it, is unknown of what she will give birth to. Suddenly “Aaaah Ijaw! Aaaah Ijaw” that voice becomes so low like a dying cell phone, then my hope of prospect of becoming the new leaders in this new vision is built on fear. For I do not know the secret negotiations.

Dear lord, why didnt you build this world for all to speak one language so that we can have equal development, than drinking water from the open river where I defecate, my sick mothers depend solely on paracetamol sellers that came from unknown places as our Doctors. In my sleeping mood, my subconscious mind looked at my empty flesh on the bed, I could only hear the song of Alfred Izonebi ,”follow, follow”. Again my mind becomes berth to the song of late Bestman Dau-pere who planned to have a conference with God to recreate this world, Izon-tu, can’t we make today different so that our children can walk on that legacy? The sound I heard during the primaries, gives me fear for the Governorship primaries, I woke up with a shout of oweiseimor! BINI-PERE! But no one could hear my call, from afar,, those who don’t believe in the tomorrow of their people, will not have the chance to visit home for the second time.

The tide was flowing against us because of disunity. A land where there is no love, the plants withered until we say we can do it, then our dreams will become a reality of Delta Ijaw Governorship.

Why do we put our heads all in one basket of governorship and the boats of Delta South Senatorial seat passes us like those tied against the Iroko tree for sacrilege in the days of old like a punishment for committing sacrilege.
Today, we leave our chair and gathered in one place that is meant for only one person, once we miss it, we become stool-less for years like an hunter who targets one bullet for two antelope and fails all, Ijaw ‘Iye-ororogha”

He who wants to live well in life must prepare for Plan B. Our fingers are pointing against us.

Tompolo Opu-Osain, help us,do not allow their passed greed kill the Coastal hope, the tide is becoming fearful, let my hope bring in joy as we all hope for and kill the fears in days to come.

Asiayei Enaibo
The Talking Drum writes from GbaramatuVoice Media Centre