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MC Emmaralo arrested by the web of the God of Doris Aboh



By Asiayei Enaibo

I have severally being accused atheistically in my passion as a traditional journalist who sometimes act as the voice of the gods in festivals that means a lot to African believe system. Many misconstrue my passion for traditional reportage as one of Tompoloiest traditional disciple in Osobo related coverages. As I sometimes do dance along the storyline, which I appear to be holding brief for the gods in my creative works.

Many have referred to my recent coverage of Sarabubouwei and Binipere Deity where I appeared with traditional attires meant for the day. By the instruction, all those who attending the festival must appear pure at heart and dress symbolically white, so that was my look on that very day.

Yes, I am a traditionalist who knows the pathway to God and gods in their manifestation, Popo Tare of Oporoza once said if God do not arrest Talking Drum, the gods will hold him as their Priest, but today my story is not link to gods or deities but what I have witnessed in the Altar of the most High God without goats and ram for sacrifice, without fantas and bitter kolas thrown to the sea, without masquerade dance but God manifest himself through prayers, singing and dancing, and God arrested a man to the bare floor whose work was often seen melodramatic as a comedian but caught in the web of the Lord, his microphone of comedy temporarily died in his hand, that was the God of Evang. Doris Warri Aboh, a woman of God who is diligent in her services to God and humanity.

What could be seen as a mere play as God do not create the world with bitter kolas in his mouth, but just the spoken words that form all the structures mightier than the eyes of all men.

As the prayers were on, even at that time all the deities were running helter shelter away, but I do not know where they were running to, I don’t want to expose their names because I will offend many of them for they will request for me to return their meats eating sometime ago.

When God or the gods want you to feel their presence they come in many ways.

It was on the 28th of November, 2021 when I was informed by the Publisher of GbaramatuVoice Mr. Jacob Abai to go for a coverage in a Church Thanksgiving Service at Jakpa road. I went there with my Crew as the General manager to live stream all the activities as we usually do in our event coverages. But this time it was in Divine Successful Christian Global Ministry, aka Say No To Divorce, No More Broken Homes, led by Evang. Doris Warri Aboh who invited host of different men of God to be with her, and also the Deputy Governor of Delta State, Barr. (Dcn) Kingsley Burutu Otuaro captured as a special Guest of honour.

Evang. Doris chosen call was to focus on the path way to worship God, to Say No To Divorce and Broken Marriages, she has been doing that to put smiles on the faces of mothers, orphans, widows and widowers, that was the calling she heard to bring happiness home through Jesus Christ. The most frustrating phenomenon in man and woman is to marry and have broken homes, it kills dreams and aspirations of children, it brings about restiveness to the society and it takes only God’s intervention to minimize such in our society.

Yes, Otuaro came, he heard and saw the vision, for the first time, for those who have been praying for him politically over the years and made his solemn commitment to this godly vision.

Yes, he left to another function and made an inspiring note to the mind of all the people present at the congregation.

So, the service continued under the frequency of all activities as God was in charge of all the functions, prayers and thanksgivings were on, the ordination of many sisterhood to carry out the mantle to preach the word of the Lord as the Vision of God’s words to Evang. Doris who Invited a man of God Pastor Elisha Erinle Baba Orioke C. A. C, to ordain the women as the one who ordained her at the mountain when she was praying to God almighty, and God sent his messenger to guide her path some years ago.

When the Ordination was going on in the church, the presence of God was very high, people were in the spirit, even Godbless Motiola,aka, Adunba was speaking in funny tongues, I comically rebuke him to stop this rubbish and focus on his camera because I do not believe whether his is truly under the influence of the holy spirit, “I will ask Sarabobouwei to stop you if you don’t know yourself”, he laughed and left for my funny comedies.

Yes, at that time the Pastor who Evang. Doris gave the mantle to ordained the women had concluded his part, so it is time for the MC. Debekeme Emmanuel, aka, MC Emmaralo, the warri based MC and fashion designer who was the master of the ceremony, funny enoughp. I was videoing MC Emmaralo who was cracking jokes inform of not believing what was going on, he approached the Man of God, Pastor Elisha Baba Orioke to bless him, the Man playfully took his head to touch the head of Emmaralo, to head him, not up to two seconds MC Emmaralo fell on the ground and the congregation was shouting fake fall but after waiting for 10 minutes, the Emmaralo couldn’t get up from the ground, his eyes suddenly turn red, tears where flowing, it was no longer play, the MC, his duties has been arrested by God, and when Emmaralo got up, he ran to seat somewhere to hide his face for about 30 minutes like the falling Angel who was toiling with God when God throw him down from Heaven, at that time Evang. Doris took over the Microphone to handle her program by herself. At that moment there was Holy ghost tension in the church. When Emmaralo finally regain his period of transfiguration, he said in a loud voice, “This is a man of God!”, I have never fallen in my life through prayers, this is God at work, even my Osobo spirit too was gradually looking at me in anger, Talking Drum, what are you still doing there? And I told him, that If they don’t give me money now, I will go and join the God of Evang. Doris Warri Aboh because when Deputy Governor came he made promises to buy them Christmas rice and cows of any amount and I must go and belong there to collect my share because on Christmas day, people don’t eat bitter kola but rice, chicken, cow, to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.

The gods laughed and left, so I wave them bye, bye and until they bring in what is more than what I am expecting, I will return their bitter kolas I have eaten once they bring the Christmas rice and cows.

Now that I am in the middle of two Gods, the God of Tompolo and the God of Otuaro where do I go from here?

Asiayei Enaibo
The Talking Drum
Writers from GbaramatuVoice
As an eye witness

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