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The Tompolo Confirmation: Ogoni came in form of rain and went in form of Rain



By Asiayei Enaibo

The writer’s eyes and ears are placed on a creative surveillance, both to the world of form and mundane, what happened within the natural order of God is not questionable by man.

Many whose eyes are closed to the belief system will always demonize what they don’t hold firm, some are being indoctrinated except they are part of that ritual of religious prayers.

The world is placed on a belief and worship system globally by faith and what has passed from one generation to the other, to seek the face of God.

Among the Ijaws, it is sacrosanct that Egbesu is the ark of God that stands for justice, peace and freedom. Egbesu is the god of war of Justice whenever oppression is placed at the foot of any Ijaw Man. Egbesu go for a war of Justice, and Egbesu move with storm of Rain and thunder. Today, I am not going to elucidate Egbesu but what happened at Kunukunuma twice before my eyes and what my eyes couldn’t see, the ears attuned to it no matter the distance.

Kunukunuma is an ancient community in Gbaramatu Kingdom in Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta. These people are unique individuals that have their customs and belief system practiced over the years before the coming of civilization, as civilization came with exploitation cum with a new form of religion that made men abandoned their root to the new belief and called theirs demon and that singular act has empowered the demon to dominate the mind of men untill men hark the master within, as a Rosicrucian poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox once said, “you are your own devil, you are your own God. You fashioned the paths that your footsteps have trod. And no one can save you from error or sin, Until you shall hark to the spirit within”.

Ogoni deity has been attributed to the people of Kunukunuma community, worshipped in ancient time before the dawn of civilization, and men and women do that in line with the traditional belief system that is as old as mankind among the Ijaws of Gbaramatu kingdom, for about 55 years ago, that belief system was crumbled by the new generation. Ogoni depicts wealth and fertility to the community in spite of all human resources. Development refused to grow in kunukunuma but no one has thought of it, as to history, the first graduate of Gbaramatu Kingdom came from Kunukunuma but development was not noticed in Kunukunuma, with all the prayer warriors, nothing seems to come forth because the natural laws are being violated by man through ignorance until the forefathers/ancestors will be giving their pride of honour and dignity to appease them.

Many whose eyes are closed will fault this sacred phenomenon but those who stand to believe without discriminating African belief system will see the face of God in light through the manifestation of these sacred principles of the natural laws of God and gods.

Yes, about 55 years, Ogoni deity has not been worshipped by the Kunukunuma people, and High Chief Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo had an encounter with the ancestors of the Land, Ogoni deity came mysteriously from the sea in form of gold, so pure and berth. Ogoni brought great fortune to the land, it occupies a sacred place in the development of the Kunukunuma people. When this revelation came, High Chief Tompolo summoned the family lineage to confirm what was revealed to him, the family was Willing and excited, those who believe in the power of our custom and worship followed suit to perform the rituals. So within August 2020 the priestess was chosen, the whole community gathered in three days of dance and rituals to appease Ogoni deity to accept their offerings and in return blessed the land.

Accordingly bto Chief Barr. MacDonald Igbadiwei who thus:

“Ogoni deity is the goddess of wealth, prosperity, being the cosmic being that is the sole witness to live in perfect harmony and unity among the forces of nature and the forces of elements. The forces have vital roles to play in balancing the elements in the human anatomy”.

As the praises of songs continue.

“Ogoni toime kere imeledeye! Ogoni toime kere imelede! Okonoweike semene seme! Ogonipabosedideye!”

This is a dance for the Lions only but when Ogoni came out to witness the dance steps of the Lions, the dance became more interesting and inspiring.

On the third day the big masquerade Ogoni came out from the ancestral forest Ogoni was kept in Gold as the way it appeared from the sea to bring prosperity, riches, strength to the people of Kunukunuma. The jubilation cannot be overemphasized and those who were there will bear me witness to this narrative.

As the day gives way to the evening dusk on that day, a mighty storm of rain blown to the amazement of all, High Chief Tompolo was at the waterfront to move but when the Storm came, Tompolo said in a mysterious Voice to Owei gbele and the people gathered at the waterfront temple to sing and dance for confirmation that Ogoni has truly come out to accept the sacrifices, not too long, there was calmness and all those who came from different community went home in peace.

The chosen Priestess, Ogoni Kare-ere Ogonikokoo did all her earthly duties before journey into the ancestral league of spirit-hood.

This same storm repeat itself during the burial ceremony of Ogoni Kare-ere Priestess Alero Use Gabary, on the 26th of November, 2021 to the amazement of the spectators, Ogoni came in form of rain and went back in form of rain. The coming of Ogoni, there has been a change of development to Kukukunuma community, an ancient community that has long been abandoned developmentally. Ogoni which means wealth has brought road construction within just few months and many more good things yet to make manifest as the believers made bold to say.

Let no man disorder the natural orders of Nature, the ways of the gods are not the ways of man.

Ogoni kare-ere sails home, as the GbaramatuVoice team went to cover the activities of the burial ceremony, Ms. Loveth Ojogun returned with this story to inform the Talking Drum of the Niger Delta whose eyes and ears are surveillance to Nature. Those who were there on the day of the coronation witnessed the Ogoni rain and could confirm the pathway of Ogoni and the blessings sent to Kunukunuma community.

Asiayei Enaibo
The Talking Drum
Writes from GbaramatuVoice