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Of Wachakal Airport, Wastage and the Bandits In Government -Hassan Gimba



I 100% agree. It is not a priority in my state for now. Wachakal, over 200km away from the capital? No! Cargo airport in Damaturu, then airport in Wachakal? Laughable, while Maiduguri airport is 100km away. It’s absurd that our priorities are to kick back interests for the politicians and not what’s best for the masses. What about education, agriculture and the health sectors? Why can’t we invest in those areas rather than these so-called airports, please? May God help us from this menace.

Mahmud Hassan

Wow! This is very great sir. This is another excellent one, probably the best. For a long time, I thought I was the only person who strongly believed that there’s a very close and positive correlation with what these bandits in government do and the insecurities in this poor country. I repeat and say also that, ‘The worst of the kidnappings and the blood shades are clear and direct outcomes of our leaders’ madness in terms of selfishness and greed.’ They’re monsters who are here only to breed armies of “Frankensteins” that are hunting us everywhere these days. May you be rewarded for this, sir.

Musaapha Kalli Abubakar Kallip

May Allah increase you in knowledge and wisdom but I pity many of our people who always judge with sentiment, refusing to see and accept the truth because they will attack you.

Mustapha Sama’ilap

Found this very relevant and important! May Allah increase you in knowledge.

Mujaheed Abdullahi Muhammed

Apt and succinct.

Hassan Bulama

All the best sir.

Abba Abubakar Tinja

I hope the so-called ‘yan kishin jiha (those who claim to love the state) will read this piece. Dr Hassan Gimba, may Allah reward you with the best.

Aliyu Muhammad Habib

The truth has been spoken.

Auwal Usman Umar

Well-done sir.

Yakubu Garba Bawa

You’re on point, sir.

Idriss Mohammed

Long awaited!

Tanchi Sumi

To tell the truth and die, refuse to tell the truth and also die. l rather tell the truth and die. Thank you Dr.

Ali Musa

Wachakal airport is another scam under way. That area is known for its agricultural/ irrigation values, if the government really wants Wachakal to develop, it should be able to bring rice milling, a tomato factory and so on. The farmers there are not getting any kind of support from any government and the Senate president is aware of this issue.

Muhammad Baban Diddi

It is always good to tell the truth. The write up focused on priority and the impacts to the society. There is nothing like tribalism and sectionalism.

Mohammed Usman

Even the writer of this piece is part of the problem, if he could remember what IBB started as a military junta, how come he forgot all the efforts made by Jonathan’s democratic administration in establishing almajiri schools in the same northern Nigeria?

Odili Odogwu

Odili Odogwu, write your own and mention Jonathan’s and no idiot will call/see it in a negative way, the way you call/see IBB’s. In essence, you just displayed how bigoted you are. I, for instance, don’t like Jonathan but that doesn’t stop me from commending his initiative about the almajiris regardless of the motive.

Imran Alhassan Mokosi

You did well…. well done.

Momoh Suleiman

What six billion naira can do for my state, by Hassan Gimba (08/11/2021)

What an intelligent submission. I am impressed with the writing skills sir.

Muktar Adamu

Ma shaa Allah, good effort.

Idriss Kallamu

Well done, Mr #hassanGimba

Muhammad Abubakar Gujba

Well done, sir . More ink to your pen.

Muhammad Jajere Babayo

Intelligent submission… The last paragraph is wind up.

Avahi Ojo SJafar

We Nigerians are professionals in terms of policy making, but we are very poor in terms of implementation.

Musa Mohammed

So….importantly, it turns out that the title should be ‘what 5.5billion naira can do for my state’..I enjoyed it.

Umar Hasan Soje

Well written and great ideas.

Sani Musa Ibrahim

Nice piece sir.

Mohammed Shehu Wawu

Aptly captured.

Mabu Isah Musa


MK Dachia EL KuKz

Great one.

Muhammad Az Zakiyu Al-rafidhy

Well done!!

Young Alhaji Boy

I concur with you.

Umar Usman

Good piece.

Okafocha CJ

Good, may those in charge take note.

Abu Muhammad

Very good and excellent writing, Yes indeed, sir, Yobe is growing slowly, eventually the state can reach the level of mainstream states in Nigeria. Many more ink to your pen.

Auwal Principal

Truth is one. Its refusal signals loss. Thank you.

Auwal El Yobawi


Auwal El Yobawi

Hassan Gimba, this is what’s really happening, sir.

Sadiq Sagir

I am beginning to think that you are not just a journalist sir…..More ink to your pen.

Adam Tanko

Thank you sir, just thanks a lot.

Umar Farouq

Truth is known to everyone, except they deny it.

Ali Musa

Honestly I benefited very much from the write-up. It gives me more courage, determination. More ink in your golden pen, sir.

Shaheed Hamza Bindawa

True write up. May almighty God deliver Nigeria from the hand of wicked enemies.

Yahuza Kado

Well said. May Allah fulfil your dreams.

Abu Bakr Buhari Ubandawaki

Six billion? Possibly a power station, three medium sized industries employing 300 each, five secondary level multi bed hospitals, a state university and a polytechnic.

Chris Ugoesky

Gradually, everything will become history. So, continue doing the right thing.

Hashim Saleh Babangida

Aptly written. May God open more ways for you.

Mubarak Shu’aib

If what they did is their best, I am disappointed with that best.

Yahaya Suleiman

The worst part is the #eRats what are they benefiting?

Sadiq Sagir

Good submission.

Soly Abba

An excellent write up! The eRat phenomenon is an honest discovery of the present surroundings.

Ahmad Gimba


Sadiq Sagir

Well done.

Comradeelmubarak Abdullahi Nangere

More light to your Golden lamp, sir.

Mark Alex

Well articulated.

Shehu Jamilu Rabiu

You have done well.

Godspower Igwe

Aptly written. May God open more ways for you.

Mubarak Shu’aib

Hassan Gimba
Good morning, please send article for December edition. God bless

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