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By Asiayei Enaibo

Flesh eaters of fish are those who are often considered as those with short term memory in Ijaw adage. Those who could unfortunately eat bone, will forever remember the delicacy they have eaten in agony.

This is contextually so in all spheres of thinking. In other words, if one could forget the role of good governance in any democratic environment, one will be a killer of truism like the ungrateful fowl that eats and scatters without being thankful.

Today, as governance continue to move in circles with policies and implementations— I mean human friendly policies and programs in Delta State during the administrative period of his Excellency, former Governor, Dr. Emmanuel Ewetan Uduaghan, one would be prompted to appreciate or celebrate Uduaghan even though it is not yet his birthday. Yes, the hallmark of good governance is a visible phenomenon that has nothing to do with paid advert. Today, I have decided to come again to celebrate Uduaghan through my pen of ideas.

A good leader is he who works inclusively devoid of tribal sentiments. Former Governor Uduaghan could be described as a phenomenal architect of Peace in Delta State. The man who owns the key to a peaceful coexistence of Deltans both at the state and the Federal level. It was his time that Delta State was at the keg of gun powder- the age of turbulence, the era of militancy, of freedom agitation, the of amnesty, the right agitation of development, all sectors in oil activities crumbled. Yes, the priceless governor was moving in the dead of night to negotiate for peace and development. This agitation was moral at that time of the life of the Niger Delta agitators, yes, Uduaghan works tirelessly with former president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan who brought the Maritime University and sited it at Okerenkoko, in Gbaramatu kingdom and perfected all the documentations. Is it that man you will forget in a hurry?

Yes those who forgot yesterday will not remember today and tomorrow, as I ate the bone at that time that gave birth to flesh today. I have come with my appreciative gown to celebrate Uduaghan at 67. This great mediator of peace, this great negotiator of peace, that calm ex-Governor. The gentleness of Uduaghan does not depict laziness but wisdom. Yes those who go to war with wisdom will come home to tell the story, but those who go to war with dull head will not remember yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The health conscious Governor, where women, children and the aged were a priority, mostly pregnant women, where the average poor husband could pray to Ex- Governor Uduaghan without fees. Is health not wealth?

What about transportation system, Delta City Bus? When I was going to Delta State University Abraka from Warri because I could not afford to pay house rent in my weekend program, but just 150 Naira I am in school at Delsu, Oh, Uduaghan! when will you come back to leadership? I am waiting for you to fairy you home to Ayakoromo for free, because the Bridge you approved for us has been abandoned by the successive government.

Yes, let us go to education, that governor who turned all Delta Secondary schools to model schools in a Polytechnic structure. What a great leader you are!

I have decided to celebrate your 67 impactful life style; you are a peace ambassador who has contributed to humanity, selfless, humble, and accessible.

May God continue to restore you with good health, peace and long life. This is a testimony I hold dear to my heart. Yes, the EPZ project you negotiated that could probably help the creation of jobs to the jobless Deltans that has been abandoned too. The Delta Mall you brought, business men and women are making it. Their hearts are full of thanksgiving.

I wish you strong health in your future political endeavors.

Those who have eaten the flesh might probably forgot so. But as the Talking Drum of the Niger Delta, I have come to remind them of your exceptional leadership role to Deltans. All these are not paid evidences but factual to a detribalised leader, a Pathfinder, human capacity engager. A good leader might not probably be your brother but someone who has played a role in redefining the human value. Like Tompolo, whom the whole world has come to appreciate his conscious leadership role in the Niger Delta emancipation.

Long live Asamago!

Happy birthday once again.
Congratulations to a productive 67th birth anniversary to His Excellency, the Former Gov. of Delta State, Dr. Udaughan.

Those who are willing to judge me by my opinions should be fair to truth because truth is the fundamental key to a progressive society.

Now that I could not afford to buy him a cake of new age, let my prayers comfort you through the positive aura I carry mentally.

Congratulations sir.

Asiayei Enaibo
The Talking Drum
Writes from GbaramatuVoice.


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