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Nigeria problem is not bad governance, but it is building without God -Timipre Black



By Timi Black

Nigeria needs to go deeper spiritually in fellowship with God to reposition the country. We need to seek the face of God in the selection of the country’s leaders. We pretend to know God but we are far from that in the actual sense. Common sense, human psychology and philosophy have failed us. Let us draw more nearer to God to get things right.

Looking into the current situation of things in the country, one will say that things are actually getting worse everyday.

If actually we are serving God, then how can a God serving country will suffer in this way?. The Bible stated it clearly that, except God builds, the builder built in vain. Except God watches over a city, the watchman watches in vain.

One could also assumed that the present condition of Nigeria depicts a curse country.

A lot of bad things are happening in Nigeria everyday, keep government aside, what about the individuals that are doing evil everyday and night. The evils are too much, right in your house you will be hearing things like, husband kill wife, Yahoo boy kills girl friend, woman commits suicide, pastor confessed, etc. How can a place like this will progress?

In spite, there are churches everywhere, the evil continues. It depicts that the people go there not for Christ, but to go and do more evil. We claim to have been serving God. But in actual sense, Nigerians are not serving God, the country has turned Sodom and Gomorrah, the individuals mind sets are very tarrant with God, the only solution to this problem is for Nigerians to turn to God and serve him with true hearts. Except we make a u-turn, it will be difficult for Nigeria to come out from this mess.

Nigeria needs God’s intervention to make things better. Even if you put 25 to 35years persons to rule as presidents and governors Nigeria will still get worst because the minds of Nigerians are far from God.

By Timi Black
Reporter, Congress newspaper.