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A Tribe Called Judah’: Funke Akindele Shatters Box Office Records–Atiku Applauds Historic Milestone.



By a miracle, Esegha, Warri

In a groundbreaking achievement for Nigerian cinema, actress Funke Akindele has propelled her latest film, ‘A Tribe Called Judah,’ into the limelight by grossing an unprecedented N1 billion at the box office. Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar took to X to shower praise on Akindele, lauding her for setting a new standard for excellence.

Atiku’s congratulatory message emphasized the significance of ‘A Tribe Called Judah’ not just as a box office triumph but as a cultural masterpiece.

He expressed admiration for Akindele’s role in breaking records, marking the film as the first Nigerian production to achieve the remarkable 1 billion naira milestone in domestic theatres.

In his statement, Atiku underscored the broader impact of the film, stating, “ A Tribe Called Judah’ is not just a film; it is a cultural gem that reflects the vibrancy and resilience of Nigerian cinema.” He went on to describe it as a beacon of cultural pride, highlighting the unyielding spirit of Nollywood.

The former Vice President also acknowledged the film’s role in inspiring a new generation of filmmakers and storytellers both within Nigeria and beyond.

He commended Funke Akindele for her dedication to the craft and expressed pride in the success achieved, stating, “Her success is our success, and it inspires a new generation of filmmakers and storytellers in Nigeria and beyond.”
In conclusion, Atiku conveyed his heartfelt congratulations to Funke Akindele on this historic milestone, recognizing her not only for breaking box office records but for setting a new standard for excellence in the Nigerian film industry.

Akindele’s achievement with ‘A Tribe Called Judah’ stands as a testament to the vibrant and resilient spirit of Nollywood, captivating audiences and elevating Nigerian cinema to unprecedented heights.

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