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I summon all of you today, the celestial and extraterrestrial powers. We have a general meeting. It is at the tidal hour of the day.

The water moves to the sea before returning to the land. As a result, we must be conscious of the time.

The clergymen and chief Priests of Ogulagha Kingdom are included in the time.

The Ebenanawei, His Royal Majesty, Capt. Elder. King. Joseph I. Timiyan (JP) has made another unexpected progress in this land apart from his developmental footprints but this time educationally at the peak.

People now address him as HRM Capt. Elder. Joseph I. Timiyan, (JP) PhD in political science from the prestigious Delta state University, Abraka.

OGBUDUGBU, the chief Priest, is that why you call us? Yes, how did it happen? He is the King in this oily rich Kingdom, wealthy and influential. How could we then allow him to attain this highest field in education?

We are surprised that his powers cannot be understood by us. All the time, he make unusual progress as the Ebenanawei.

He even ascended to the throne in an unusual grace as if he is the biblical Joseph. Or how? It seems, Dirimobini is failing us.

EBI-ORU; THE HEAD OF ALL DEITIES (with pure thoughts)

OGBUDUGBU! keep quite, you are not thinking, are not aware that AGBONU is the Ebenanawei of Ogulagha Kingdom? Is there any thing that is not possible that he cannot achieve? He is the head of all we do. He is the custodian of our traditional heritage that bind us, his permission allow us to leave among his subjects so we must be there for the well being of the people.

In as much as he supports us on what we believe and we should also support and pray for him on what he believes. Today, God has added another feather to his Royal wing with a PhD.

It is all about focus, grace, wisdom, determination, love of wisdom. A man who is willing to rule us as a philosopher king, let us rejoice with him, so that this land called Ogulagha Kingdom will experience greatness as a kingdom in the NIGER DELTA region and Nigeria at large, in all spheres of life with development, peace, unity and love. The chief Priest EBI-ORU concluded to pay a courtesy visit to congratulate His Royal Majesty, AGBONU!

Yes. Not too long hallelujah was heard as colony of clergymen addressed on white robe, a royal regalia like Angels singing praises of what God has done for their member, the Ebenanawei of Ogulagha Kingdom. AGBONU on his new wing to fly educationally higher than the Eagle. Women, youths, men, all are dancing in honour of this new attainment.

REV. TORTORTEME, yes, it is true that
the long trend towards more book reading is as a result of the spread of education. When you are devoted in what you do, God will continue to elevate you. God has elevated AGBONU, the Ebenanawei of Ogulagha Kingdom. Do you know what it takes for someone to bend his head in reading to obtain PhD?

It is not a child play, with all the busy activities of His Royal Majesty handling all the traditional affairs of his kingdom. This is worth emulating. You see, when someone of our young ones are running round with Egbo” root drink, “Dada” hairs twisted with dull brain, our king is busy reading to expand his scope of knowledge. Yes our God has done it again, yes, let us go and congratulate and rejoice with him.

The happiness was high as the clergymen were going to congratulate AGBONU with Praise and thanksgiving in songs titled “our God has done it again”

As they were going to Agbonu’s royal empire, the chiefs priests, too, led by Ebi-oru were all going to congratulate the king, yes, Rev. TORTORTEME and High Priest EBIORU met at the gate, and both said our God has done it, simultaneously “the gods must be praised,” yes “God must be praised”.

Yes, the Ebenanawei is the king of the Kingdom. He watches and guides his people with wisdom. That is why he add both local intelligence (and acquire more knowledge) to rule his people.

AGBONU is a great king in Ogulagha Kingdom. That is why as the Talking Drum of the NIGER DELTA, I have to add my voice to congratulate the successful convocation ceremony of HRM Elder Capt. King Joseph I Timiyan, JP, as he becomes one of the newest Kings in Delta Ijaw with a PhD, and it is few of its kind.

Roll out the drum and let us dance traditionally as the Pere of Ogulagha Ijaw Kingdom, Burutu LGA, Delta state garnered his academic PhD in political science from the Delta State University, Abraka.

No wonder AGBONU, the Chairman of Delta Ijaw Traditional Rulers sails in the Delta Ijaw Governorship with the great hope of coastal development. Yes. With political awareness and political developments cum oil, the expansion of his Kingdom and Ijaw nation is a priority, Doctor of philosophy, an elite King. Sing with me as we celebrate a studious Agbonu!

It was Sunday service, as the Ministers of God and the Chief Priests, they all gave thanks to God almighty. The King treats every religious institution equally in the kingdom. That is the unusual blessings of the Ogulagha Kingdom as the land flows with abundance of oil as a kingdom blessed with good people.

It was a call from Comrade Amb. Dr. Shedrack Agediga ED Desopadec and Chief Francis Satu- Odibo the Tonkepa of Ogulagha Kingdom that telepathically infused me into writing to celebrate with them.

I woke up to see that I have joined the League of well-wishers as a friend to the paramount ruler of Ogulagha oil rich Kingdom from Forcados terminal. In this victory I am the story teller.

Congratulations to the King, Agbonu!

Long live the king!
Long live the Ogulagha Kingdom!
Long live Delta state!

Asiayei Enaibo
The Talking Drum
Writes from GbaramatuVoice.

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