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Ailing Urbobo foremost traditional maestro seeks for financial supports



By Timi Black

An ailing Urhobo foremost traditional maestro, Mr. Olomu Friday Emuoghoke, alias, Odogbon, on Sunday did a passionate appeal for urgent financial assistance to enable him continued medical treatment to recover from two years of being bedridden.

The Urhobo musician Odogbon made the appeal during a visit by a journalist to his Aladja temporary base on Sunday

The tuberculosis patient narrated with tears flowing in his eyes how his wife, friends and relatives abandoned him.

The Urbobo musician further narrated: “The issue I had is tuberculosis and I was directed to the tuberculosis facility at Salubi close to Eku town. Over there several tests were conducted on me, thereafter I was given treatment and drugs. I was instructed to go to a nearby tuberculosis drug centre once the drugs given me are exhausted, there are many of such centres across the state”.

He maintained: “After six months of treatment there, I was then going to the Nigerian Navy Hospital, Effurun for treatment and drugs. I spent another six months there also for treatment, I wasn’t on admission but was coming from home for the duration.

“At the end of the six months, a test was conducted there and the result returned negative to tuberculosis, despite the result, there was no physical improvement and the Doctor said there ought to be improvement and he said I should consult with other Doctors as there’s something wrong in my chest.

Odogbon revealed: “I then consulted other Doctors who said I should repeat the tuberculosis treatment, I was directed to Aladja Health Centre as a nearby drug centre, I also underwent six months treatment again, yet no improvement.

“So we resorted to traditional medication but the situation is also the same.
My illness started more than two years ago, then it wasn’t as severe as it is now. I have not gotten any financial support from anyone until two days ago when Comrade Sunny Basikoro came and gave me some financial assistance after someone posted my condition on facebook.

“I am short of blood but I couldn’t afford any, even treatment in the hospital. On Sunday, some persons called me and offered some support which I am planning to go to hospital for blood and drips.”

“I had exhausted my savings and lost earnings due to the sickness, I have gone through severe suffering as my wife abandoned me and ran away with my young kids sensing that I had no hope of survival.

“Friends and relatives also left me in the wake of the travail, they left me to die, but one of my relatives took me here and has survived me till this moment. He’s the one doing everything including cooking and washing me up.

“There’s so much temptation in the musical performance, few colleagues at some interval had checked on me but there’s no significant assistance.

“I plead for urgent medical assistance from the government, Urhobo Progress Union, local government and good citizens, I know times are tough, but please come to my aid so I can be on my feet again.

“I don’t have the resources at the moment, I am calling on everyone who can support to come and support me, I am in dire need.”

Mr. Olomu Friday Emuoghoke can be reached on his mobile line, 0803 095 2144 and supported on First Bank Savings account 3029086415