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2023: Rescue Nigeria youths meet in Warri, urge Adebayo to contest for president



By Timi Black

Nigerian youths under the aegis of Rescue Nigeria Youths: Solomon Danlung Foundation Niger Delta region, have met in Warri Delta state on Saturday to discuss politics of 2023.

The youths equally urged Prince (Barr) Adewole Adebayo to contest for president come 2023, adding that Adebayo will perform better when elected being a man of unbeatable track record.

In a press statement signed by its president Comrade Navy Stephen on Saturday said the group was meant to rescue Nigeria from the decades of bad leadership.

According to the statement: “I welcome the leadership of every NGO and Media Bodies to the maiden meeting of Rescue Nigerians youths Solomon Danlung foundation Niger Delta Region.

“This is a foundation in Nigeria that is established to rescue Nigerians, both men and women, especially the youths.
The main obligation of Rescue Nigerians Youths Solomon Danlung foundation, Niger Delta Region is to rise to it’s responsibility, to distinguish every youths to become leaders, with all considerations and promote the interest of Nigerian youths across the globe.

“This foundation will mobilize the masses to reject and protest against any dubious intentions capable of inflicting hardships on Nigerians, It will protect and support any noble motives.

The foundation will fight for the interest of the people to attract Democratic dividends to Nigerians and shall bring Government attention to the urban and rural areas, within the landmarks of the good leadership.

“That is why I am calling on the leadership of different platforms and members to look into 2023 presidency. When PRINCE BARR, ADEWOLE ADEBAYO was a members of Africa Barr association in Nigeria, there was tremendous achievements, a large number of youths were employed and much more were empowered.
The vision,he has for the youths, no seating Governor, senator and minister have such vision.

“We are pleading to PRINCE BARR ADEWOLE ADEBAYO to the contest Nigerian president, in any political party come 2023.

“Your excellency sir, the request and demand of the foundation is for you to Rescue Nigerians, because Nigerians believe that you are the only one that can rescue and revive Nigeria. We under this foundation and different NGO leadership in Niger Delta Region are pleading that you contest for the office of the presidency come 2023.

“Your excellency sir, we the leadership of this foundation and it’s supporters cutting across the Niger Delta are pleading on behalf of Nigerians youths that you become Nigerian president come 2023, because Nigerian market women, men and youth believe that if you rule this country things will change for the better.

“The Niger Delta youths believe that, a courageous Man like him, need to lead , deliver, eradicate poverty, create rooms for employment, stop insecurity and revive the Economy.

“If Prince Barr, Adewole Adebayo accept our request to be Nigerian President come 2023, we want all past and present ministers, senators, Governors , parties chieftains and other leaders to join hands With him to do everything possible to promote the well being of Nigerians.

“I, Comr Navy Stephen president IJAW YOUTHS MUST MOVE FORWARD (IYMMF) and also the Chairman RESCUE NIGERIA YOUTHS SOLOMON DANLUNG FOUNDATION NIGER DELTA REGION, members of the group and other different NGO leaderships are pleading with PRINCE BARR, ADEWOLE ADEBAYO to contest Nigerian president come 2023.

“I am also appealing to the ALL PROGRESSIVE CONGRESS (APC), PEOPLE’S DEMOCRATIC PARTY (PDP), all other political parties and party chieftains to please, join hands with us to make PRINCE BARR, ADEWOLE ADEBAYO Nigeria president 2023, because he is the only best aspirant in all parties.

“However, I commit this meeting to God ( Allah) that he should guard the leadership, strengthen and encourage us, so that we will be strong, courageous and victorious against all obstacles and challenges in Niger Delta Region and also our country Nigeria at large”