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Mothers, husbands, children and bread winners of families que on Sunday morning in Ondo state to Worship God in Heaven, as their Creator, yes others too planned to try God and wipe away his believers with bomb on the Altar.

Tears, blood and half-humans in pain, anguish, and sorrows planted in the Altar of God, from home to the Altar of God and to the Grave without any offense, yes that is the new era in Nigeria, a state of insecurity where genocide has been the ceremonial songs we hear.

Thousands in the pull of blood and today is Sunday, the resting Day of God as we were told, where men worship and glorifies His name, because God was not in Town to avert the plans of bandits and gun men, the Church Altar of God has just submerged with bloods.

It is a National Black Sunday in Ondo state, even the Catholic Pope too has no prior revelation of this doom, innocent children with their Bibles in their hands scattered around the church Altar, hands off the body, heads pull off the bodies with eyes open but can’t see, such is the attack scenerio in Ondo state. Believers are now on the hedge to confess with their lips to say that there is no God? Their lips have denied God, their songs of praises are now in dirge.

God, you said Jesus Christ died on the cross to redeem mankind, those who didn’t believe in Jesus have come with fire arms, what about the blood of this multitude that died on the Altar? For which redemption will they service?

My eyes bleed with tears, my Nose pumped with water like a rainfall.The streets of Ondo in a total silence of grieve, in that pain I console those who came to see God on Sunday shall be forever consoled in the bosom of the Lord.

Until we take the ART of Egbesu to the churches to protect humanity on every Sunday because God will be resting on Sunday and wouldn’t want to interfere in security matters which supposed to be a primary responsibilities of the Government.

Rest on Multitude and let God avenge this day to those in the act.

Adieu harmless Christian souls!

Asiayei Enaibo
The Talking Drum writes from GbaramatuVoice Media Centre