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“Nigeria Beyond Buhari”, a book written for 28yrs, ready for launch



By Enekorogha Godbless

Peter Azonobi who is a political and economic scientist will be launching his book titled, ‘Nigeria Beyond Buhari, on June 18, 2023, at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA), Victoria Island, Lagos State.

Saheed Ajetumobi who is a political adviser to the political and economic scientist, at a press conference, posited that ‘Nigeria Beyond Buhari’ evaluates the presidential aspirants and political parties participating in the 2023 presidential election and future elections.

He also stipulated that the book ‘Nigeria Beyond Buhari’ is an inquiry into the future of the Nigerian State. “It is a deep and soul-searching reflection by the author on the past and present socio-economic and political challenges besetting Nigeria.”

The author asserted: “This book discusses the economy, perception of people to leadership, way and methodology at which a leader should prevail in doing things, and sets up a working system for Nigeria. This is why it cannot be narrowed down to a specific genre because it captures a whole lot about the essence of the nation. It points to the political, economic, social, and otherwise development of Nigeria.

“Nigeria has been facing issues before now. From 1960 up to date, we’ve been having turbulence in the development of Nigeria. We thought things will change after independence but, it is unfortunate that the narrative has remained the same and Dr Azonobi has been taking notes since then.

“It is exactly 28 years since he started putting this book together, how he feels that Nigeria has been going towards the negative angle and thinks it is time to come back to the positive….

“So this book is documentation based on the socio-political history of Nigeria. Starting with the election of Alhaji Shehu Shagari, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, and the likes. He believes now is the best time to change the narrative and so he is saying things will get better in Nigeria beyond Buhari.

“The book also educates the people on criteria needed in the leadership of Nigeria. What kind of leader do we need to change the narrative? This is where the book comes to educate the mass of the people, the qualities we should look forward to in a good leader that will take make things better.”