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British High Commission offers scholarships for Persons with Disabilities



By Hannah Nathan, Warri

Ms Gill Atkinson, Delegate Magistrate of the British High Commission in Nigeria, declared this on Wednesday in Abuja during a show to grandstand the Chevening Grant to certain people with handicaps and put them through the application cycle.

Atkinson featured that Chevening is a huge drive that reinforces collaboration between the UK and the Nigerian government, especially in the schooling area, and advances the consideration of PWDs in the public eye.

Chevening is planned not to oppress a specific gathering but to offer them the chance to study, meet their interests and bring those abilities and encounters that they have found and created back to Nigeria.

“The explanation we are doing this is to help Nigeria’s most splendid and best take their nation forward. We need to see youthful Nigerians prepared to push their nation ahead.

“The consideration of people with incapacities into the projects is a way the UK government shows them that they are very much like every individual with incredible capacities.”

Mrs Oluwafunmilayo Ladepo, the Chevening Project Official in Nigeria, communicated that the consideration of people with handicaps is driven by the craving to tackle the positive commitments they can make to Nigeria.

“We are not giving PWDs simply because of their incapacities but rather because they have the capacity that many have neglected because of their handicap.

“So this is the essential thing, collaborating with Nigeria, to further develop Nigeria and to acquire from Nigeria since, supposing that we have these individuals going, we are likewise having resilient individuals returning to construct Nigeria.”