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By Miracle Esegha, Warri

The attention of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP)in Burutu L.G.A is drawn to an inciting, and most frivolous publication by the APC alleging that Sheriff Oborevwori’s led government has orchestrated a plan to use army gunboats to intimidate APC voters in the upcoming re-run election involving Hon. Asupa Peter Forteta of the PDP and Hon. Alapala Ebitonmor of the APC in the affected wards and units in Burutu Local Government Area, Delta State.

The PDP leadership is advising the general public to disregard this misleading and fallacious information purported to hoodwink the electorates to cause disaffection in the PDP-led government of the state. They are bare-faced lies that are not rooted in any truth. It is a mere figment of their imagination.

The leadership of our great party is asking everybody to remain calm and not get derailed by the waves of lies being peddled all over the place. It is quite unfortunate for the APC to brazenly concoct falsehood that is capable of causing mayhem during the rerun election. The APC is bereft of the consequences of the falsehood being spread as no ambition is equal to anybody’s life.

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Burutu L. G. A remains undeterred no matter the mendacity of APC and its cohorts being spread all over the place. The PDP family waxes stronger in unity, love, and togetherness every day to reclaim our stolen mandates. This undoubtedly sends jitters down their spine hence these baseless allegations.

Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori’s led government of Delta State is committed to ensuring free, fair, and credible re-run elections anywhere in the state because it was the same that brought him into power.

Our amiable governor, Rt.Hon.Sheriff Oborevwori operates an all-inclusive government where he takes everybody along irrespective of party affiliations.

The PDP leadership in Burutu L. G. A also wishes to debunk the most unholy claim of the APC that Sheriff Oborevwori is uncomfortable with Rt. Hon. Emomotimi Guwor’s emergence as speaker of Delta State House of Assembly and that it was Asupa Peter Forteta that was originally pencilled down for the speakership.

This is based on hearsay and there is no iota of truth in it. This is the mother of all lies and it is intended to cause infra-party tension and to freeze the cordial working relationship between the two arms of government in the state. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori, the governor of Delta State did not influence the process and does not have a strained relationship with Rt. Hon. Emomotimi Guwor as APC falsely claimed.

The PDP leadership advises APC members to get themselves committed to their campaigns and desist from peddling falsehood all around the place.

Furthermore, the APC alleged that our leader Michael Didien is putting pressure on the governor to respect the structure that made him governor of Delta State. It would have been a thing of great interest to the electorates if you had told them what you would influence to them from the state if eventually elected instead of engaging yourself in a campaign of calumny.

Out of their nervousness, APC also alleged that PDP was recruiting boys to cause a bloodbath in the rerun election that is coming up on the third of next month. Well, it is not surprising because when the father is a professional in spreading falsehood what would you expect the child to do? Nothing less than what a father does is what the child will equally do. APC is like a drowning man that looking for anything to hold onto for survival.

It is also alleged that appointments of some persons in our party are tied to delivering Asupa Peter Forteta in the forthcoming rerun election. This unavoidably brings the question, what about the appointments that have already been made in those wards? Why were they not tied to this rerun election? This is the height of falsehood a party can spread out of desperation to get what does not belong to them.

Nevertheless, the PDP leadership in Burutu L. G. A is calling on all leaders, political officer holders, appointees, youths, men, and women to turn in their numbers to mobilize support for our leader, Hon. Asupa Forteta comes 3rd February 2024. Burutu is PDP and PDP is Burutu. We can’t afford to lose out on our Burutu State Constituency 1. To achieve this, all hands must be on deck.