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Celebrating a rare gem Timi Pessu on his birth anniversary, by Timi Black



There are some people you pray to break out from friendship and move on for the safety and peace you need.

There are people you love spending every minute of your life with because of the love and passion found in such a relationship. Godfrey Timi Pessu is such a friend.

You can see him from the angle of a lawyer because he loves defending people who have been oppressed. He also appears as a comedian who put smiles on human faces.
He is a preceptor who channels and directs you to always go for the best, I choose him as my mentor.

His Humility is beyond human imagination, he is submissive and attentive. Today is the day of his birth celebration, I pray to heaven and earth to answer your calls. I wish you good health, promotion, more life and prosperity.


Happy birthday sir!

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