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Collapse Building in Osun Kills Two



By Hannah Nathan, Warri

On Wednesday evening, it was reported that two other people were killed in the collapse structure in Osun State.

The owner of the building was one of the victims who passed away while being admitted to a neighboring hospital, according to a local resident named Lateef.

He narrated, “On Wednesday, around 7 o’clock, we heard a loud noise coming from a construction site nearby, and right away, people flocked to the scene.”

He claimed that when the neighbours arrived on the site, they pulled three females and a male out of the rubble.

He added that some helpful people hurried the injured to a nearby hospital. However, two of the victims passed away on Thursday morning as a result of their severe injuries.

The incident was confirmed by Kehinde Adeleke, the public relations officer for the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps’ (NSCDC) Osun State Command.

The NSCDC spokesperson also stated that even though the structure was still being built, it was already being used as a church.

She stated, “On Wednesday around 6.45 pm, a storey building being utilized as a church fell. The church is located in Ikirun’s Eweta neighborhood.

“Our officers who went to the scene said the affected building was still under construction and some workers were working inside it when it collapsed,” Adeleke added.

“Under the debris, four people were huddled. Later, they were brought to a local hospital after being evacuated. A male and three ladies were evacuated”.

She stated that as of Thursday, two of the victims had passed away, including the building’s owner.