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By Asiayei Enaibo

Education is the bedrock and the master framework that wheels human beings to their desired height of societal transformation. However, within the Niger Delta creeks, the will to wheel young students to achieve their vision becomes a great challenge as those without silver spoons end up with a fishing spoon as they could not afford to go to school. Yes, only a few Good Samaritans who have the pain of the people could establish a foundation to create a helping hand.

I hooked my passion to a young man who hails from Gbaramatu Kingdom as a student unionist–the former president of the National Association of Gbaramatu Kingdom students in the year 2020, and also the current secretary of Kokodiagbene Education Committee. His desire for transformation as a student, and who also feels the pains of helpless people while in the university has taken an educational foundation to raise awareness in the creeks of the Niger Delta region to make his contributions at his tender age. A thought conceived to navigate the pathways of his peers as an educational counselor. Yes, wisdom is not only an attribute of the aged people but a boundless gift to all levels of the human species.

Foundations across the world are aimed at impeccably strengthening human Foundations, and only humans who have set goals to assist others in their various endeavors can give themselves the obligation to move in that direction. Yes, both young and old prepared themselves for this strategic obligation.

When a prominent man establishes a foundation to assist people, there is this massive clap from all corners in a dance of appreciation with a rhythmic song as a new philanthropist in town. But when a young man with a burning desire does the same thing, other young souls who ought to assist the objectives and aim of this vision-driven young man to actualize his goal will give total silence. From the corners of his peers, from afar with a nodding head of doubt, I feel the joy like a harmattan smoke that has no hidden place, hopeful that this is a dream come through from his heart.

I look through the pictures and recognize the face of the young CEO of Dubri Foundation Comrade Doubra Timiyan, a calm young graduate from the Department of History and International Studies, Delta State University Abraka. One who has often pushed himself to do something extraordinary for students in the Niger Delta creeks to be outstanding.

Education provides the guidelines for self-awareness to understand the other social elements of life, such as culture, politics, and environmental changes. Comrade Doubra Timiyan encoded his blueprint into a foundation that will stand the test of time to complement the few Foundations such as The Tompolo Foundation, and Mrs. Esther Tonlagha Foundations in helping the Creek Girl child. Yes, Dubri Foundation stands for the riverine coastal communities in the Niger Delta region as a young Nigerian with a solid vision and aim for a balanced society defines his Good Samaritan status in the society.

The aims and objectives of the DUBRI Foundation are built around liberating a marginalized Niger Delta region, the disadvantaged creek students, creative and innovative students economically deprived. This vision is inclusive to raise pushing efforts for others to grow. These include but are not limited to the outlined salient areas.

(i) Educational Awareness: here at DUBRI Foundation, we have got to understand that in bringing the needed changes in society, particularly the coastal communities, we have to go back to the very beginning and retrace our steps, to education. Education first before others. The education we acquire from our parents, a refined local intelligence cum schools’ experience for self-awareness to have a collective voice to provide a level playing ground for our youths in their various endeavors.

First, we want to ensure that every child in the Niger Delta region has access to quality education. We want the region to meet up with the 21st-century academic standard of learning.

(ii) We want a Niger Delta where a child of nobody becomes somebody through the helping hands of the Dubri Foundation as a way of giving back to the society

iii) Identifying Cultural Values: the importance of our rich culture, norms, and tradition defines our heritage as Niger Delta people. Build a bridge of cultural values and tolerance. We want to rewrite our history and tell our story. However, prioritizing education does not mean we neglect other important aspects of our society, like giving a helping hand to the needy, healthy, and secure despite religion, politics, and the economy.

iv) Crusade against Drugs and cultism of our students.

This aspect creates the driving force of the Foundation to assist both young girls and boys in the coastal communities to say no to drug abuse because it is one of the major challenges that make students make indecisive decisions and regrets later in life.

(V) Leadership Mentorship. The foundation is also aimed to mentor Leadership, smart and intelligent young leaders who will help to build the coastal communities by looking at the examples of our productive leaders who believe in community development as a priority to growth as Niger Deltans. When young students are far from their communities, they lack the interest in going back to their roots to develop their place, the Mentorship is to travel for excursion gather ideas, and build on those ideas to help our capacity or coastal development.

Ideas rule the world and as such Dubri Foundation is working on milestones as a fresh roadmap to create guidelines to help others to achieve their dreams by making ways with other philanthropist Niger Delta stakeholders with his ideas to explore areas that the young haven’t looked into.

Excursion/Sight Seeing At Asaba, Delta State by Dubri Foundation

The beginning step recently is called the awareness movement to places. Let us go out and see and reason what we can contribute to our various communities, hence the excursion to Asaba.

The Dubri Foundation In its commitment to enhancing the educational experience and promoting cultural enrichment, organized an exciting excursion and sightseeing trip to Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria, for students of the Gbaramatu kingdom.

The excursion helps to broaden the student’s knowledge and understanding of their cultural heritage and historical values of how others make their places beautiful with ideas.

The students embarked on a fun-filled journey, exploring various attractions in Asaba including the Delta State Leisure Park and Film Village. They experienced the modern amenities and attractions, as well as developed teamwork and social skills through exciting and interactive games and activities and had a great outing.

To build memories and have value to the foundation, the Dubri Foundation’s excursion provided a unique opportunity for the students to explore and learn about other people’s cultural heritage and the city’s attractions as they all attended the famous Amaseikumor Festival in Gbaramatu Kingdom, hence a step out to see others.

Dubri’s foundation is dedicated to improving the education system in Gbaramatu kingdom and the Niger Delta at large via promoting educational development and cultural enrichment.

This mind propelling ideas and innovative sensibilities of Comrade Doubra Timiyan are geared towards creating a new narrative of awareness as a young graduate whose fresh ideas are being watered by High Chief Kestin Pondi, MD Tantita to encourage productive youths who will become the think tanks to better the human society by making exceptional contributions for the betterment of the human society.

Yes like the GbaramatuVoice media organization, young creative, and innovative people have been spotted in the world as media gurus. Yes, Dubri Foundation was founded by a young soul, and handing support and sponsoring a vehicle of ideas wouldn’t stop midway to taking the coastal students from the creek to the Niger Delta region to the top of the world.

Asiayei Enaibo
Writes from GbaramatuVoice media organization


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