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Delta 2023: Support Ijaw governorship, workman deserves wages -IPDI, Ozobo



By Anita Godfrey

Pan-Ijaw pressure group, the Ijaw People’s Development Initiative, IPDI has urged all well-meaning Deltans to support the Ijaw governorship, adding that only the Ijaw governor would provide equal development to all the three senatorial districts and various ethnic nationalities in the state.

This remark was made available to Congress correspondent in a statement signed by its national president on Monday in Asaba, capital of Delta state.

He maintained that a workman deserved wages and that it was time to support the Ijaw governorship by Deltans, having been so supportive to her neighbours in their times of weeping and wailing.

The group asserted that when an Ijaw man is in the position he doesn’t think clannish, but what he does is give even treatment to everyone.

He argued that even if there was a purported gentleman zoning, (assuming not conceding), it has ended, having all senatorial districts benefited, adding that there was no agreement that the second round of zoning should begin from the first starting point.

“Even if (assuming not conceding) the first purported gentleman zoning is by senatorial districts, it is not agreed that the second round of zoning will still be by senatorial district. If the first round of the purported zoning starts with Delta central, it is not also agreed that the second round will start from Delta central again.

“Support Ijaw governorship, the Ijaw governorship is the answer. No retreat no surrender. Delta state has three main ethnic nationalities, two with a minority tribe have produced a governor in the state, and only Ijaw is remaining to produce as a major tribe in the state. Let us not be sentimental.
It is only ungrateful servants that will kick against the Ijaw governorship. Ijaw has worked over the years to support these other tribes to receive the crown. It is Ijaw turn now, support Ijaw to build Delta state”, he added.