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Delta gov’ship 2023: Let the “Osusu” begin from Ijaw, being the only major tribe left to benefit -Ozobo



By Timi Black
Chief Correspondent

Niger Delta foremost activist and national president Ijaw People’s Development Initiative IPDI, has stated that it will only be fair that the gentleman rotational agreement, if it exists, begins with Delta Ijaws, now that all the major tribes, except Ijaw, have gotten their fair shares.

The activist cum politician maintained that among the three major tribes in Delta State, Uhrobo, Delta Ibo, Ijaw and Itsekiri, it is only Ijaw that is yet to produce governor in the state, noting that it will be inimical for anybody to argue 2023 governorship with the Ijaws in Delta State.

Ozobo added that Urhobo who had produced several governors both in military and civilian governments in the state should support Ijaw to produce the next governor in the state come 2023.

The Ijaw leader argued that since the purported gentleman rotational agreement had been benefitted by all major tribes, except Ijaw, let Ijaw man have his fair share come 2023.

The statement reads: “Even if it is by senatorial basis, since the first Osusu began with Delta central, it can’t begin with Delta Central again. Let it begins with Delta South, then it will proceed to Delta Central and Delta North respectively.

“If truly labourer deserves wages, let Ijaw man have his wages of his labour for labouring politically over the years.”

The Niger Delta popular advocate reiterated that Urhobo should wait till 2031 to produce the next governor.

He further adduced that except Ijaw man betrayed himself, it is a divine providence for Ijaw to produce the next governor of Delta State come 2023.