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Burutu burial law is animalistic, laughable, can’t be enforced -OLM



By Timi Black

A pressure group under the umbrella of Ojobo Liberation Movement has expressed dissatisfaction on the Burutu night burial law, adding that the law is not only baseless but a misplaced priority.

This was contained in a press statement by its president Comrade, Timipre Ndoni on Thursday.

The group asserted that the Burutu councilors should make laws to resusciate the dying Ijaw culture and tradition but not to make kangaroo laws to give it a final burial.

According to OLM, “nobody can abolish the traditional night burial of Ijaw people. The law is not for Burutu and Ijaw people, it is for the councilors and their families. There has not been any security challenge in our night burials, so the law is empty and can’t be enforced.

“The law is laughable and a blind law. It is not only show the shallow level of reasoning of Burutu councilors but It is shameful and disgraceful outing”, OLM.

“The councilors of Burutu LGA have fail their calling as representatives of various Communities in the LGA, and it’s pitiable.

“How can an educated Burutu legislators initiate such a barbaric law that will not be helpful but will be only counterproductive to the citizens of Burutu Local Government Area, instead of them to think of how to better the lives of the good people of the LGA.

“How will this law settle the common conflicts within the LGA or will this bill attract development in Burutu LGA?”.

“We therefore urge the Burutu Local Government Council legislators to focus on developmental bills and not a bill of no interest to the masses growth. There are so many developmental strides that need the attention of the people which the councillors should compose as a motion in the council and not this a misplaced priority bills that has no positive impact on the people of Burutu Local Government Area.

“We advice Burutu LGA Councillors to go back to the drawing board for a better bills that will better the lives of Burutu Local Government people.

“Burutu Local Government Area needs Development, and not a Prohibition of night burial and night social wake- keep, we the Ojobo Liberation Movement, therefore describe this law as a misplacement of priority in Council”.