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Delta gov’ship: DC-23 screening recommendations will be impartial -Chief Amori



By Timi Black

The leadership of the DC-23 lobby group has assured Delta central governorship aspirants who are currently undergoing screening exercise that it will give an unbiased, fair and credible recommendations devoid of sentiment at the end of the screening exercise.

Chief Ighoyota Amori, the leader of the group, stated this during an exclusive interview with Congress news correspondent in a phone chat in Asaba on Tuesday.

The group asserted that they were only playing an advisory role to avoid past ugly experiences, noting that aspirants should abide by whatever decision it may come up with at the end of the screening exercise.

The statement reads: “The beautiful thing is that DC-23 does not have a predetermined candidate at heart. What we are doing is for the interest of everyone contesting for the governorship in Delta central. If it will be abide by aspirants, we will smile home with victory”.

However, Chief Amori, the leader of DC-23, noted that it was the right of anyone to contest and that the group will not punish aspirants who may disobey the decision of the group at the end of the screening exercise, stressing that it would be better if they would listen to such counseling.

The Urbobo leader, maintained that what they are doing was to avoid what had happened in the past, adding that there was no way Urbobo nation will go to the election with the high volume of aspirants against others in the race and win.

According to him: “They will not only share Urhobo votes but it will also cause acrimony even before and after the election. If we can understand ourselves, those resources some want to waste can be better directed.
The truth of the matter is that not everyone that are indicating interest that is ready to contest. Some just want to register their presence in the race. But this is not the time for such jokes.

“We are not screening aspirants in the entire state but for Delta central only. The truth is that not everyone contesting in Delta central will be the governor of the state but only one person. We are only advising our people for the interest of Delta central, let only one person go for the PDP primaries against others contesting from other senatorial districts and every other person should throw weight behind the person that may be adopted at the end of the day.

“But any one who disagree with our decision and recommendations, he is free to go and contest but we will stand by our recommendation and ensure the needed backing will be given to such decisions. We can’t stop those who may not abide by our decision, they are free to go ahead with their dreams. But we will market our recommendation to our people.

“We will make unbias decision. Every parameter will be considered for such decisions. The decision is not to witch-hunt anybody but for the best interest of Delta central. As elders we will not allow our children to spend money in vain, it is our duty to guide them if we are good parents or guidances. We are only providing mere advice and guidance. If they can abide by it ,it will be for the good of every body in Delta central senatorial districts.

“No aspirant is sponsoring DC_23. It is a selfless movement to better our people. So the issues of our decision will be mortgage or influenced does not arise at all. We can’t go to the election with this high number, because we will fail”, he reiterated.

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