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Delta Youths Condemn Same-Sex-Marriage, Warn Against Child Neglect



By Sunday Onye, Senior Correspondent

The Coalition of Delta Indigenous Youth Leaders Forum, the apex youth body that regulates the activities of the youths in Communities, Kingdoms, Ethnic Nationalities and Other Youth bodies in the state has condemned the same sex-marriage as it warned against child neglect among parents.

The body provides an opportunity for the Youths of Delta State to operate under one body to liaise with the Government, Security agencies, Traditional rulers, Non-governmental Organizations, and other relevant Stakeholders in and outside Delta State to promote Peace, Unity, Security, and Economic Stability, and all-round Growth & Development in the State, and Nigeria at large had stated those caught in the act should be punished by the law.

The body under the leadership of Comrade Gometi O Crested, reacted to the ugly incident of Same Sex-Marriage recorded in Warri, Delta State.

He described it as a moral decadence, a shift in social morality, and unacceptable conduct that should be completely eradicated without a trace.

The Chairman admonished the youths of Delta State to stay away from all such unlawful conducts and report any trace of such to security agencies anytime/where in the state.

“There is a gross social-moral shift in the current day’s society, especially among the youths which necessitated the emergence of this forum where the youth leaders work together to liaise with relevant stakeholders in and outside Delta State to bring violence and abnormal youths from the street into meaningful services through constructive engagement.

“The place of Parenting can not be ignored in matters relating to social morals and other forms of illegalities among the youths.

“It’s the place of parents to instil quality moral values which form the basis of individuals’ social and moral strength in adulthood. Unfortunately, many parents have neglected their roles in the upbringing of their children which has led to the current ugly moral degradation in the general society.

“A good number of the youths involved in this ugly incident are most likely to be products of poor parenting.

“We use this opportunity to call on all parents in Delta State, especially those with poor parental involvement to please wake up from their deep sleep of Child Neglect and poor parenting, counting on the fact that it has a huge negative impact on the general society.

“Our religious leaders are also not left out. The House of God is one of the most powerful organizations/institutions through which quality moral values can be injected. I appeal to all Religious leaders to kindly increase their efforts to see that all these unlawful/illegal conduct are reduced drastically.

“We must stop promoting all forms of illegalities, no matter how insignificant they may appear, and push towards achieving a crime-free society of our dreams.”

The Chairman, therefore commended the effort of the security agencies for the swift response to curb the situation, and their activeness to maintain law and order in the state especially now that the masses are prone to different kinds of illegalities to survive the current harsh economy.

“We shall double our efforts towards Campaign/ Sensitization against all forms of illegalities in the general society, most especially among the youths of Delta State.

“We are determined to redeem the bad image outside placed on the youths of Delta State, and we would not hesitate to secure a crime-free society conducive for Deltans to live in, and to equally attract meaningful development to the State.

“I use this opportunity to call on all Stakeholders to please partner with us as we embark on a massive campaign and sensitization exercise across the 3 senatorial districts of Delta State,” he added.