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Dr Samuel Ogbuku’s NDDC reform: A move to transform coastal communities




By Asiayei Enaibo

When a leader with a blueprint is seated at the helm of affairs, he has a guide that navigates him to implement the blueprint in his palm as a vision to achieve those things which others have seemingly failed.

Dr Samuel Ogbuku of NDDC is a new roadmap to drive the vision and purpose of the formation of the Niger Delta Development Commission. Someone who understands the region works with priority projects and executes them timely is a vision-driven leader.

Dr Samuel, the MD and Chief Executive Officer begins his voyage with a consultative visit to stakeholders of the Niger Delta region with the sole purpose to understand how could NDDC work efficiently to achieve its mandate of core values as the essence of the Niger Delta agency. Dr Samuel navigated himself to the creeks and sought opinions and collaboration with a town hall meeting to prioritize the scale of preference of the value chain of projects and also handle headway to curb contracts abandoned by knowing the root causes and taking the right measures is a sign of a committed leadership for transparent engagement.

It is a reformative and restructured agenda to complement and say no to avoid the ‘take and chop’ old spirit of compromise.

After the visit to stakeholders, where others failed, Dr Ogbuku made ways to change the narrative in his operations by working with appropriate stakeholders on round table discussions geared towards the development of our communities and human capacity empowerment programmes to have a sense of oneness and peacebuilding for projects execution.

Dr Samuel Ogbuku-led NDDC administration is hopeful of sustainable development, empowerment, lighting up the Niger Delta communities that have been in total darkness to total renewable solar energy by working with strategic stakeholders, community-oriented leaders like Dr Dennis Otuaro as his Special adviser as think tank to collaborate with contractors who will work with the blueprint of Dr Samuel is a right step in the right direction.

The NDDC stakeholders meeting held in Ikot Ekpene in Akwa-Bom with the board is a clear dramatisation of the vision where every idea will be used to create the roadmap of the commission so that the blueprint of the formation of the agency will be actualized.

Niger Delta is a key region as the economic HUB of Nigeria. Public officers should be meticulous in the purpose of the establishment and shun personal interest but collective development.

The stakeholders’ summit and forum serve as a yardstick for feedback and possibly finding solutions for improvement in line with the renewed hope Agenda of Mr. President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. The interaction with individuals, National Assembly members and Ministers from the region is a rare approach or mechanism to rescue the region from the burdens of abandoned projects, effective delivery of services and projects as a roadmap and blueprint of Dr Ogbuku’s style of effective administration.

Interestingly, pioneer board members were also there to share their experiences and what could be added to change the narrative. The likes of Chief Timi Alaibe, Chief Onyema Ugochukwu and AVM. Larry Koinya and many more notable personalities.

According to Chief Dr Dennis Otuaro, Special adviser to the chairman who reiterated that Dr Samuel Ogbuku is a vision-driven leader with a clear roadmap to light up the coastal communities, create youth empowerment programmes and scholarship schemes in the areas of education, and skill acquisition training— all these are achievable by engaging the stakeholders and working with the right firms or contractors who are sincere in project monitoring to the last point of completion.

During my recent tour to communities in the Niger Delta coastal communities as a journalist in Gbaramatuvoice, it becomes glaring that the Chairman Executive Officer/ MD of NDDC is committed to its mandate as the light up renewable solarisation work has been done in many communities and others undergoing.

Leadership is commitment, dedication, focus, knowing what to do at the right time leading by example, work in synergy with other stakeholders so that where others make mistakes you work on the right path.

The footprint of Dr. Samuel Ogbuku is a clear testimony of committed leadership within one year in office he has turned the table around for visible developmental examples worthy of commendation for us to be hopeful for the renewed Agenda for our coastal communities to have a new facelift.

Asiayei Enaibo
Writes from GbaramatuVoice
(Bobougbene Community)
Enaibo can be reached through

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