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Emir Sanusi: My Reinstatement Is Divine, Testament To God’s Will



By Peters Monday, Abuja

The 16th Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II, has attributed his reinstatement to the intervention and will of God. While receiving his letter of appointment from Kano State Governor Abba Yusuf at the Government House in Kano, Sanusi expressed his gratitude and emphasized that his reinstatement is a demonstration of God’s preordained plan.


Sanusi quoted Arabian wisdom, saying, “In everything we witness, there is a lesson that shows us God is present.” He emphasized that God’s will is unstoppable, and whatever He decrees, no one can change.


Reflecting on his initial appointment in 2014 by former governor Rabiu Kwankwaso and now his reappointment by Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf, Sanusi noted that this rare occurrence in Kano’s history is a testament to God’s divine plan.


He commended the governor and assembly members for their role in this “rescue mission,” preventing the balkanization of the emirate, which has occurred in other northern states. Sanusi warned that allowing such fragmentation would have led to multiple emirs in Kano, undermining the emirate’s unity and integrity.


Governor Yusuf, while presenting the appointment letter, confirmed Sanusi’s reappointment based on his competence, credibility, and popularity. He urged Sanusi to uphold Islamic teachings, unite the emirate, and foster harmony among Islamic sects in the state.