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Fans, friends pressuring King Pereama to perform in every public appearance lack respect – concerned stakeholders




By Stephen Asaba-ase

Concerned stakeholders in Ijaw nation have appealed to fans and well-wishers not to pressure the Ijaw Numupere-II, King Pereama Freetown to come to stage to perform in every public function he may wished to attend, especially when he was not engaged for stage display.

Corroborating this position, the president of the Ijaw Publishers’ Forum, Comrade Ozobo Austin, in an interview with newsmen on Friday expressed mixed feelings over how some fans and friends disdainfully pressured the Music King to come to stage to perform in public functions where he was not hired on such purpose.

Speaking against the backdrop of the music king being pressured to perform at all public functions, Ozobo said the trend is worrisome, stating further that being a king he can honour any public invitation to grace any public event and that doesn’t mean he would be performing on stage in every of such events.

The IPF president appealed to Ijaw nation, fans and well-wishers to take it easy with the music King and show some respect to him, and not to pressure him to perform on stage when he is not fully engaged on such purpose.

“As a king, it is not fair for people to pressure him to go or come to stage, asking him to come and sing one or two songs in every time he appears in public functions where he is not bill to perform.

“Please we should show some respect for him, dragging him to go to stage in a casual manner show no respect in most times. His fans and well-wishers, including others should stop it because that is not a sign of respect at all.

“I believe, he is honouring public invitation because of his position in Ijaw nation but that doesn’t mean he will perform in every of such functions. It is more honourable to perform only when he is invited on such purposes.

“Being Ijaw music king, I don’t expect people to be pushing him every event he attend to go and perform. Pushing him to perform in every public functions even when he is not hired to perform does not portray him in a good light as a king.

“So, it is my humble appeal to his fans, love ones, well-wishers and leaders to bear with him henceforth. Don’t pick offence in case he turns down such appeals”, Ozobo added.

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