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Fight against local refineries responsible for diesel scarcity -Capt Warredi




By Peters Monday, Abuja

Tantita Security Services, a private security firm responsible for protecting oil infrastructure, has made a striking allegation: illegal refineries in the Niger Delta region supply a staggering 90% of the diesel used in Nigeria.

According to Captain Warredi Enisuo, Executive Director of Operations and Technical at Tantita, this illegal supply chain is the reason why there has been no scarcity of diesel in the country despite deregulation.

Enisuo claims that both government agencies and oil companies are aware of and patronize these illegal refineries to cut costs.

He emphasised the need for the government to empower communities and provide infrastructure to curb oil theft, estimated to cost the industry $1.5 billion annually.

By giving communities a sense of ownership and responsibility, the industry can make progress and reduce illegal activities.

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