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Impetuous and irrational denigratory written communications are always seen like water weeds in the river whenever elections are about to be held. Sometimes these irrational denigratory outbursts are targeted to conceal a premeditated evil plot hatched for arcane advantageous placement over their opponents during the conduct of the election. In most cases, it is usually after the concealed consolidation of their election-rigging strategies that they cover the media space with impulsive irrational outbursts weighted to further reinforce the implementation target of their evil plot as inventive red herrings. Silence becomes suicidal when such moves are spotted. This is the inspiration behind today’s journey.

Governor Oborevwori is undistractedly a man brimful of fertile development ideas. Because his development ideas are pragmatically fresh and fertile, Julius Berger Plc, the construction giant, is currently in Warri to drive the fertile developmental vision of Governor Oborevwori. Yet, rather ungratefully dead to the developmental productivity of the Delta State Governor, in an ideationally limping, ‘kwashiorkord’ piece merchandised as a creative red herring entitled ‘The Planned Military Intimidation of Alapala Supporters’ authored by Moni Seimienghan and BEKE P. Black of Burutu APC on 6 January 2024, the developmentally determined and situated governor of Delta State, His Excellency Sheriff Oborevwori, was impulsively denigrated in ponderous protesting paragraphs. This is condemnable and must therefore be correspondingly interrogated as the antidote to verbal impetuosity.

It is known to everyone in Delta State that the House of Assembly re-run election has been scheduled to be held on 3 February 2024 between Hon.Asupa and Alapala in Unit 8 of Ayakoromo in Ward seven, and Units 9 of Oboro, 26 of Edegbene and 27 of Enekorogha in ward four in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State. It is also a fact that Hon.Asupa has clear victory possibilities in the four units because they had remained the unconquered territories of PDP for ages in every election. It would therefore be a fiction for Alapala to get any vote in these four PDP territories in the scheduled re-run. It is only fictional wishful thinkers who incidentally mention Alapala in any matter that borders on the four units where the re-run is awaited because it is only the Asupa DIALECT that is authorised and spoken in the four units of Oboro, Edegbene, Enekorogha and Ayakoromo.

There is no existing record of intimidation of voters anchored by Governor OBorevwori through the deployment of gunboats to strategic points either in any election or in the affected units of the awaited re-run in Delta State. The scheduled re-run is the first election to be held in Delta State with His Excellency Oborevwori as the governor of Delta State. How did the APC come to know the operational strategy of a man yet to be seen in action during the election when everybody knows that the use of gunboats is the prerogative of federal forces in Abuja under the APC government?

Conduct of re-run is the constitutional responsibility of INEC, not that of Governor Oborevwori of Delta State. The pronouncement by Burutu Council APC that Governor Oborevwori has perfected plans to intimidate voters using gunboats and boys is an infantile, baseless, reckless and impetuous one condemnable in every breath, though the authors of this impulsive and misguided pronouncement have timely condemned and dismissed it as unbelievable by saying that their position is powered by an idle anonymous source.

The unbelievability, meaninglessness and baselessness of the authors of the impulsive pronouncement are reinforced by their addition that the governor of Delta State has also instructed boys to ’cause bloodbath if the election didn’t go their way’.In one breath the governor is accused of the planned deployment of gunboats; in another breath, the governor is accused of using boys. Where will be the turf of the boys if indeed gunboats are deployed? What is the nexus between boys and gunboats? Who are those boys? Any existing record to show that the Delta State governor has a pool of boys from which he could draw and deploy to cause a bloodbath in the election? Has Governor Oborevwori ever been associated with an electoral bloodbath in Delta State?

The incongruity in the use of gunboats and boys shows that the two authors are confused people unqualified to feature in public discourses or interactions because their public pronouncement is motivated by a pathological desire to spoil the name of Governor Oborevwori about the awaited re-run.

Criticism is an integral part of the business of governance because the aim is to chart a progressive part of the government. Office holders are subject to criticism when developing issues necessitate it, not when there are absolutely no issues to be engaged critically. To accuse Governor Oborevwori of planned intimidation of voters without developing issues that necessitate it points to the fact that the two impulsive authors of lies are dead to how elections are usually conducted in any country – which raises a question mark on their educational credentials and exposure. It also tells the world in clear language that the two confused and disorientated authors have grown pathologically jittery over the impending electoral failure of Hon.Alapala in the re-run because the four units have unambiguously communicated their total support for Hon.Asupa. A would-be loser in any electoral engagement is always known to embrace the path of a reputation spoiler as it is being activated against Delta State Governor Oborevwori by the above two misguided impetuous authors.

The denigratory outburst of the two impulsive authors must have been provoked by a pathological desire to instigate and attract calculated specific federal forces in an election likely to be won by Hon. Asupa with a clear margin. The instigation-consolidated denigratory outburst and complaints of the two confused authors have the character of a veneer for electoral manipulation they must have devised to wound PDP ELECTORALLY in the re-run. It is in the character of some persons to devise an advantageous abnormality in disguise and be the first to embrace the accusatory path as a strategic smokescreen to achieve their target – which is what is visible in the denigratory accusatory dance of the impulsive authors.

There are moments when one is caught sitting down to evaluate a written communication deposited for readers in a public forum. By every standard of evaluation, Seimienghan(Burutu LGA APC Chairman) and Black(Burutu LGA APC Secretary) are indeed authors and peddlers of nonsense because it is disgusting and nonsensical to verbalise in the public space that the speakership of Hon.Emomotimi Guwor in the Delta State House of Assembly does not enjoy the support and blessing of Governor Oborevwori and that ‘Hon. Michael Dedien AKA Ejele’ has always mounted persistent pressure on the Delta State Governor to return Hon.Asupa to the House to assume the speakership as the basis to sustain the structure that produced the governor. This is what they call arrant nonsense regurgitated by the two impulsive authors of lies. Is the governor of a state capacitated to return to the House a non-member and make him a speaker? Is Governor Oborevwori a legislator to be part of the House politics? Why is there a cordiality between the House and the executive arm of government in Delta State where the speakership does not enjoy the blessings of the governor?

Governor Oborevwori should not be bothered by the impulsive outburst of people burdened by ideational constipation and fear of electoral victory. For persons who peddle falsehood from an archive of information that does not exist anywhere in Burutu Local Government Area – a diseased archive that only exists in their imagination – only constipation could be their burden which has greatly harmed their political metabolism within the party.

It is safe to say that the publication credited to Burutu APC is a fabrication whose authorship is the individual creation of Seimienghan and Black who have their agenda pursued in the name of APC because the progression of the publication from the Organisation of ideas to communication of the ideas does not have the hallmark of a group position. The publication shows a forced ponderous coupling of disjointed ideas inherent in the immiscibility of oil and water. The ideas don’t indicate coherence and unity as disorderly communicated in protesting ponderous paragraphs that cannot meaningfully exhaust one single idea created in a paragraph – as their ponderous impetuous mental exhaustion has the hallmark of a deliberate distraction targeted at the governor of Delta State.

Occasionally, ideas find themselves engaged in warfare when falsehood is injected into a reading space – as it has been done by the two famous lie-peddlers protesting paragraphs would have been identified in the piece if the publication were a product of persons dialectically grounded in public communication. A governor of Oborevwori’s stature powered by an ideology of development of Delta State cannot be bothered and lose sleep over a baseless watery publication authored impulsively by Seimienghan and Black in their chosen moment of ideational constipation.

Let the two misguided impulsive authors know that Governor Oborevwori is not INEC charged with the responsibility of conducting the awaited re-run election. His Excellency Oborevwori is the governor of Delta State who has ideologically distinguished himself with enhanced peace and security as one of the cardinal principles of his MORE agenda and so will never be associated with anything redolent of violence, bloodbath, disenfranchisement, suppression, intimidation of voters, do-or-die politics and would not tolerate any individuals or groups who have evil plot to create security problems under any umbrella because he is a governor for all Deltans. The Burutu Council APC Chairman and Secretary who have arrogated to themselves the right to peddle lies should henceforth refrain from dragging Governor Oborevwori’s name into matters he knows nothing about because he is the governor of Delta State whose governance style has not attracted or accumulated mud.

Finally, mental alertness and mental debility which have describable markers anywhere on earth do vary in their colouration. To accuse Governor Oborevwori of something out of nothingness could be viewed as a case of political impetuosity, political alertness or political debilitation. If this is what Seimienghan and Black call political alertness or political debilitation, these two impulsive peddlers of lies must be applauded by Deltans for being the first honourable recipients of the prize of political impetuosity, political alertness and political debilitation which may soon find a partner in ideational emptiness, ideational debility and ideational ‘Oberikoberi’ of Hon.Julius Otuwo Eyenanaotu’s creation in Ayakoromo. And for impetuous peddlers of lies like Seimienghan and Black who shamelessly elevate lies and fiction and superimpose them on the known truth as a calculated strategy to distract Governor Oborevwori, history shall be harsh to them…


Writes from Akparemogbene, Delta State.

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