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Hardship: Revolution looming -Senate tells Tinubu





By Peters Monday, Abuja

The Senate has urged the federal government to address the food scarcity and hunger crisis in Nigeria, warning that patience and tolerance are wearing thin.


The Senate noted that prices of goods and household consumables have risen significantly, leading to high inflation rates, weakened purchasing power, and a general deterioration in living conditions.


They called on the government to take measures to combat food insecurity, outlining steps to regulate prices, ensure food availability, and address underlying factors like insecurity in food-producing regions and depreciation of the Naira.


The Senate also warned against the looming crisis, stressing that the country would not like to see people taking to the streets in desperation, and urged the government to take action to flood the country with food and ensure the development of a viable National Commodity Board to regulate prices and eliminate artificial contributions to food and commodity inflation.