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HRH Afro lashes alleged ousted monarch Ojukonsin, says he lacks power to speak for Aghoro ll community



• Insists he should come and give stewardship of missing N90m

The recent sworn-in Amanaowei of Aghoro ll community, HRH Afro Biukeme has lambasted the alleged dethroned former Highness of Aghoro ll community, adding that he had been dethroned and lacked power to speak on behalf of Aghoro ll community.

This was contained in a statement sent to Congress correspondent on Sunday evening.

However, HRH Afro debunked allegation that he was behind recent protest in the community, stressing that such reports contained in one Niger Delta Mirror facebook post dated 10th April, 2022 were mischievous, concocted and inconsequential.

According to him, “I didn’t sponsor any protest in Aghoro ll community. Those accusing me of sponsoring protest lack respect for the kingship throne in the community and we will deal with them for disrespecting my throne. Again, they are not members of Gborou community and may not know facts of things in the community. The land and waters of the community belong to members of Numa family. Every land in every community belongs to individuals, there is no general land for any Community, except families decided to donate land for community freehold. The Shell Manifold located in Gborou community which youths were protesting. The land was lease to Shell by Numa family, so how do you say these people do not have a stake in the area.

He maintained that he is the current Amanaowei of Aghoro ll community and not allegedly dethroned and exiled former monarch Ojukonsin. “How would a criminal speaks for decent people. Except such society is a banana republic. He should return our N90m before talking. He is a shameless thing,”he queried.

“I reiterate, am the current Amanaowei of Aghoro ll community, so his statement of there is no kingship crisis in community only affirms my statutory kingship in the community.

“It is outrightly funny, people who have gone exile for one year plus are saying they are the leadership of Aghoro ll community. For the first place, who make them leaders, who are they lording over. I go and sleep in the community and my people regard me as their Highness. If they say they are the leadership of the community, let them come to the community we are waiting for them to come. However, I don’t have to join issues with exiled, dethroned and rejected persons.

The traditional ruler, Afro insisted that SPDC and some self-styled persons were behind the continuous military intimidation of members of the state.

“There is no doubt that SPDC and some exiled Community indigenes are using the military to intimidate the community. They brought military to destroy my palace. We cried to the world and we couldn’t get help. They came for the second time and cause great tension in the community. So you mean the military is coming to intimidate us without people sending them?. It is really appalling,” he lamented.

The Highness Afro said the community being at peace with SPDC investors does not mean there were no gray areas of Shell operations in the community.

“We are peaceful with SPDC do not mean they are not owing Gborou community or it doesn’t mean that there are no gray areas to settle. There is no misrepresentation of facts about this matter. We have documents to these facts.

“Gborou community has been in existence since 1956. Numa my great grand father founded the community but we named it after Fesiyefa family because we want everybody to benefit in the community. In year 2000, Mr. Gborou brought electrification project to Aghoro community. He brought teacher’s quarter, influenced 6 class room block in Aghoro Community from SPDC, as a result of the good relationship between Gborou community and Shell. We have document to back all these facts.”

HRH Afro and other community leaders ridiculed the membership of the alleged dethroned Highness Ojukonsin in Aghoro ll community, adding that he hailed from Agge and Isaba and not from Aghoro ll community.

“It is on note that Mr Ojukonsin is from Agge and Isaba and not from Aghoro community. He only has little maternal affinity in Aghoro community. He grows up in Agge and Isaba. He lives in Agge, beginning from his childhood to adulthood. Agge people were living peacefully with him till a point where he stole from the coffers of Agge. He was beaten, naked and disgraced in the public. He escaped with pant to Agedi Zion( Aghoro extension) to squad with some of his long distance maternal family members. We have six quarters in Aghoro community but I doubt there is any quarter he hails from. We know him as squatter in Aghoro community”

“It is on record that my uncle, Joseph Konyefa was the Highness of Aghoro ll community. He didn’t steal. Never broke any known law in the community till Hon. Fred Agbedi from nowhere removed HRH Joseph Konyefa and imposed this Ojukonsin on Aghoro ll community to serve his criminal interests.

“It is a fact that I’m the current Amanaowei of Aghoro ll community and not a dethroned Ojukonsin. He was dethroned because he stole from the community treasury and I was installed as the current Amanaowei of the community. Mr. Ojukonsin lacks power to speak for Aghoro ll community. He sneaked into the community for a burial in the night and was caught and was beaten and disgraced out from the community.

“I read where the exiled Ojukonsin said SPDC should not have dealings with me, such is funny. I am the current Highness in the community, why SPDC would not have dealings with me. Except they don’t want to operate in my kingdom. So long they remain here to do their business they have no option than to have dealings with me.

“We wish to state unequivocally that Hon. Fred Agbedi is part of this problem. He is fuelling this crisis in the community. He has been a member of reps from the community for the past eight years but the community has not benefited anything from him. The man he imposed on us steal again from our coffers after similar event which makes him to escape from Agge Community. We have been calling him to come and give us stewardship of over 90million he stole but he refused to come.” He maintained.