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I used to believe that singing was only for feeble. —Victony, singer



By Hannah Nathan, Warri

Anthony Victor, better known by his stage name Victony, is a Nigerian musician who has opened up about why he didn’t pursue a career in music despite knowing he had vocal ability.

He claimed that rapping was his dream career because he believed singing was only for “weak people.”

According to the ‘Soweto’ crooner, he switched from rapping to singing in 2020.

“2020 was when I started doing Afrobeats,” Victony stated in a recent interview with the Zero Conditions podcast. “Soweto” was one of my earliest attempts at Afrobeats.

“Honestly, I used to know I could sing but I just refused to. Because I just felt like it was for weak people. I felt like it was an escape for weak people.

“I always loved that rapper energy and I wanted to be a rapper. But when I started singing, I realised that it is just as technical as rapping.”

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